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Seesmic goes to DEMO 2008

[Cathy Brooks – Executive Producer, Seesmic]

I did a post last week about our preparation for DEMO, and it’s now down to the wire! I head for LA tomorrow where I’ll meet up with Giselle on Sunday morning and the two of us will then trek over to Palm Springs to get things ready for Loic’s arrival on Monday.

It’s been a crazy week – with preparation for this major event coinciding with the major construction and development of Seesmic’s new studio but we’re ready to go and looking forward to what will no doubt be another great adventure!

When Giselle and I get to Palm Springs on Sunday we’ll be running through our DEMO and bulletproofing the technical stuff – of course with the ever-watchful help of Johann and Mik via Skype. Then on Monday it’s rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and (hopefully) a good night’s sleep before our presentation on Tuesday afternoon.

Keep your eyes on this space for some updates while Giselle and I get ready and of course the home stretch of preparation once Loic makes his way to Palm Springs having just returned from his glorious week in Davos!

Until next time …

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Great post on BBC blog

[by Jeremy Vaught, Community Blogger – Seesmic]

Catch the BBC post on
by Darren Waters.  A great introductory post to those new to Seesmic,
complete with an embedded Seesmic video.  To dig a little deeper into
Seesmic, there are fantastic comments that cover a whole range of

As a blogger, I want to say more, but in this case, I simply
encourage you to read the post and comments.  If you are into that kind
of thing.

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Seesmic contest

[by Jeremy Vaught, Community Blogger – Seesmic]

techmoz has an interesting idea.  In video, record a one minute elevator pitch for Seesmic.  For techmoz, you have until tonight.  The top 5 videos will get posted on on TechCrunch.

However if you miss the deadline and still are interested in contributing, I would love to hear what you have to say.  I can’t get you posted on TechCrunch, but I’ll talk to Vinvin and see what we can do.

This brings me to another point… "IF" I’m able to have some contests on the blog, what would you like to receive if you win?  t-shirts?  stickers?  raccoon underwear?  Please post your ideas in the comments.

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How to seesmic mobile with Shozu?

 Resources Portal Default Images Shozu Logo HomeWe are working internally on a number of mobile clients – some of which we’ll be unveiling in the near future – but if you would like to post to Seesmic via a very large number of mobile phones immediately, you can use Shozu, which is a very cool application as it allows you to send a video with a one push of button directly to Seesmic in the background. The Seesmic logo does not show up yet in their interface we are discussing with them for this, but it already works. If you would like to try it, here is what you can do:

-download Shozu

-go to "add destination" on the Shozu website, not on the phone

-add FTP – username "yourseesmicusername" pwd "yourseesmicpwd"

-serverURL ""

-initial dir: Test

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Seesmic is all you need <3

[by Jeremy Vaught, Community Blogger – Seesmic]

I’m hitting up the blogs that are talking about Seesmic.  One that stuck out, you have got to love Doug’s excitement about Seesmic.

Another is from one of my favorites, and from a prolific Seesmicer, PurpleCar.  And perhaps her prolificness (no, it’s not a word) is what lead her to write this blog entry.  So this is my topic of the day, and that is ‘Social Media Time Suckage.’

We love our time online, we are spending it with friends.  It is not just being online, it is the social connections.  Social Media right?  But do we let it enhance our lives?  Take over our lives?  Where is the balance.  As an occasional triathlete, I think about balance when I’m in training, because life is balance, and training once or twice a day forces us to focus on what is important.  But training taken too far, causes an imbalance, and then things in life are not as much fun. 

Social Media is similar in that it takes time.  Swimming, biking, running or a combination of two or three in a day takes time.  Sometimes two to five hours.  That may sound like a lot, but think about how much time you spend online.  I know I can easily put in that much time.  And it is all good time, just like being on a bike for 3 hours.  They are all moving me toward my goals.  But… life is still that balance.  Is blogging important to you and you are putting it off like Purplecar?  Getting sick from lack of sleep and too much of a good thing? 

If so, stop doing everything but Seesmic?  (what did you expect me to say?)  Seesmic is what is really important.  It’s all about Seesmic.  All ‘other’ Social Media is time suckage.  Twitter?  Give it a rest.  Skype, it will be there when you come back.  YouTube?  Only the Viacom stuff will be gone but you don’t want to watch it anyway :)  But Seesmic… oh Seesmic… if you miss a day, you miss conversations that are gone forever.  The public timeline stops for no-one.  Think you can catch up?  Have you ever caught up to your blog aggregator when you let it go?  Do raccoons poupée in the woods?  I rest my case.

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