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Seesmic Android got 30,000 downloads and gets featured on Android Market

Seesmic Android got 30,000 downloads with a 58% install rate in just a few weeks and now we are thrilled our friends at Google decided to feature it just ahead of the holidays season. See for yourselves how it looks like

Android1 Android2 

Seesmic for Android’s raccoon is proudly featured next to Facebook and Myspace on the general Android Market welcome screen and gets a dedicated slot on the social category! Thanks Google, we are glad that you like Seesmic Android.

This is just a beginning, we have a dedicated team on Android and coming very soon are multi-accounts and Twitter location support, as well as yes, surprises. Expect a year of very fast updates to our already popular Android app!

The first reviews Seesmic for Android got are amazing too, thank you everyone who posted about it, there are so many we can’t link them all but here are a few:

Seesmic’s new release: Android NEARLY has a perfect Twitter app

Mashable: Seesmic for Android Adds Twitter Search, Lists and Trending Topics

Appboy: Seesmic finally makes Twitter usable on Android

EuroDroid: The best Android Twitter apps #10: Seesmic

Mobile Content Today: Seesmic 1.1 for Android Twitter Client Looks like a keeper so far

Seesmic launches key upgrades to mobile Android version

Will Seesmic for Android be the Tweetie of the Android Market?

R3Troid: Seesmic: The best Twitter app for Android?

TechCrunch: Seesmic Ventures Into Mobile With Powerful New Apps For Android and Blackberry

thanks everyone for your reviews and tweets!

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Seesmic’s Native Windows Twitter Client Updated

Twitter has its feature rich Windows native client with a simple yet powerful interface, and we just pushed a maintenance release with many improvements.

We're happy to announce a Seesmic for Windows release with an assortment of improvements in preparation for a future enhancement upgrade coming next month.

You can download the latest version of Seesmic for Windows here.

The focus for this release was to address stability in both general application performance and timeline streams (including enhancements to Direct Messages).

Improvements in Seesmic for Windows Version 0.5.2 include:

    * Stability issues in application addressed
    * Corrections in timestamps in the HOME timeline
    * UI Enhancements and improvements when receiving, sending and deleting Direct Messages
    * Corrections in duplicate messages
    * Validations and improvements to Link Shortening
    * Deletion of messages where allowed (DM's & Sent)
    * Corrections when inserting images
    * Various improvements when composing messages

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Seesmic for Android: Now with Search, Lists & More!

Seesmic now offers the Twitter client you've been waiting for! Share photos on Twitter, post videos to YouTube, Search on Twitter, view your Twitter lists and get notifications for new messages!

To get the
latest updates, simply go to the Android App Market. The latest
features for Seesmic for Android include:

We've added a full set of features for Twitter search. View your saved
searches, search on Twitter for Tweets, search for users, see current
Trending Topics, create and save new searches, delete existing saved

Twitter Lists
Be able to view and manage your Twitter Lists in Seesmic for Android.
View your Twitter lists (that you are following and lists that are
following you) as well as lists for all the users from their profile.
You can also follow and unfollow a list right from the app.

Share with Seesmic
Easily share links, photos or videos using Seesmic. Simply share your
item via "Seesmic" and a new message will be created with the content
you're sharing.

Font size setting
You can now change the font size of the timelines text from the settings and choose the size that is the most convenient to you.

We've also made many improvements for faster loading times and general bug fixes.

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Status Update – TeamSeesmic Newsletter Emails

Over the weekend, we were informed through Twitter that some users received spam to their email accounts specifically used for the TeamSeesmic newsletter. After working directly with certain users – collecting and assessing the information – we contacted our email newsletter provider, Aweber, to help us investigate and address this issue.

Yesterday, Aweber released this statement on their blog:

In essence, Aweber was a victim of vulnerabilities, and the issue was limited to areas where subscriber email addresses were stored for all their clients.

We're still working with Aweber to get as much detailed information as we can to help us understand the situation, including if and/or how you are specifically impacted. Other items to point out:

  • Aweber has assured us that the vulnerabilities have been closed.
  • While many other companies were affected, for Seesmic related issues, this is impacting only email addresses signed up for the TeamSeesmic newsletter.
  • Our TeamSeesmic community site is separate from the newsletter and not impacted by this incident.
  • All of our Seesmic products are completely separate and not impacted at all.
  • We are assessing this situation very closely including potential alternative email solutions.

If you have received spam because of this incident, we sincerely apologize that this has happened. Our trust with you is the most important part of our relationship in trying to deliver the best products and services to you. We're very upset about this incident, especially since we try to be as diligent about our own approach to spam on Twitter. We will continue to follow up to get more information for you and will do our best to regain your trust as we work together, continuing to provide the best products for you. If anything, we’ll try to work even harder.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Community Evangelist, John Yamasaki, at yama [at] seesmic [dot] com, and he will do his best to work with you to address any concerns you have.
If there are questions or concerns that he is unable to answer, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at loic [at] seesmic [dot] com.

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Seesmic for BlackBerry Updates – Keyboard Shortcuts, AutoCorrection, Support for 4.5

Experience Twitter on your Blackberry with searches, lists and other powerful features. Point your blackberry to to get Seesmic within minutes.

Here is some of the latest news:

Support for BlackBerry OS 4.5
We now have a version for our older models with OS 4.5. This covers older model BlackBerry devices with all the same features.
Keyboard shortcuts
Now you can use our standardized set of keyboard shortcuts to easily
navigate and manage your messages. Here are just a small example of
keystrokes included:

  • T (for top) – brings you to the top of the messages
  • B (for bottom) – brings you to the bottom of the messages
  • R (reply) – reply to your message
  • L (reply To all) – reply to all the usernames in the message

More keyboard shortcuts can be found here:

Auto-correction and Spellcheck
We've incorporated the
BlackBerry standard for auto-correcting your messages (ex. "i" converts
to "I"), as well as pressing the action button to produce a dropdown of
suggested corrective words.

Notifications Improvements
Thanks to your feedback, we've modified our notification system, so the
Seesmic icon will only show upon new replies and messages.

Favorite Tweets
We've added the ability to favorite a tweet within your timeline. We'll work to have a Favorites view in a future release.
Font Size Selections
Choose different sizes to your liking of small, medium, and large in our settings menu to best read your tweets.
Example of a favorite message (with a yellow star) and the increased "large" font size
We've made many other modifications. You can find them in our change log here:
We have many more announcements and updates coming! We're very
excited to share what we have in store for you!  Look to hear from us
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