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Seesmic Web – Now with Facebook and LinkedIn Support, Desktop notifications, and Faster than ever!

Seesmic Web now eases the management of all your social feeds, by also adding Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, all in one browser tab! 

We were keen on making Seesmic Web snappier to use! Getting our web application to run faster and be more lightweight is extremely important to us. We're hoping you'll be delighted by the performance boost in this new version of Seesmic Web!

This, along with other improvements, allows you to expand your online horizon with essential social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google Buzz and Here are the updates available now in Seesmic Web:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn account Integration
  • Refreshed design and visual clues for important messages 
  • HTML5 Desktop Notification (Only on Chrome)
  • More languages : Indonesian,  Korean, Polish, Dutch

Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts

Seesmic Web - Compose Bar 

You asked for it! Now you can easily keep up to date your Facebook friends directly from Seesmic Web! Simply go to Settings, grant access to your Facebook account and your newsfeed timeline will be ready and easily accessible. What can you do from Seesmic Web? Well, just like on Facebook, you can add comments to status updates, Like posts, and even share Facebook posts from your e-mail address all from within Seesmic Web.

Seesmic Web - Facebook Timeline
 Seesmic Web - Facebook Comments

Whether you are job hunting, sprucing up your online resume, or just want to keep an eye out for new professional challenges, simply add your LinkedIn feed in Seesmic Web and you are good to go.Keep track of all your contact updates, know who is changing job, hiring and who's now available to hire!

Seesmic Web - LinkedIn Timeline

Refreshed design and visual clues for important messages

Managing multiple social networks can be a complete struggle sometimes. We've made sure that this does not happen in Seesmic Web! Ease of navigation and an intuitive UI is important especially when you want to manage and update both social and professional networks simultaneously. Here are some improvements that will help make your Seesmic Web experience a little bit easier:

  • New color coding of Direct Mention Tweets - notice the blue color on the left next to the tweet? This is to help distinguish this as a direct mention to you so this doesn't get lost among the endless amounts of other posts. 

Twitter Mentions - Seesmic Web 

  • New Reply Menu, with direct access to Retweet and Reply – When you hover over the lower right side of each tweet, you'll see a set of three buttons to choose from to easily reply directly to the tweet, Retweet this tweet, or click on the Options icon to view other actions available.

Twitter Reply - Seesmic Web

  • Yfrog support – Want to vary your picture posting networks? You can select to post from Yfrog or Tweetphoto support.

Picture Service - Seesmic Web

  • Survey - One of the first things you will probably notice is the pop up survey, please help us out as we continue to make improvements catered to your needs by letting us know how you use Seesmic Web! 

Survey - Seesmic Web

Chrome HTML5 Desktop Notifications

Sound notifications not enough for you? Well if you are using Google Chrome you are in luck as you'll have the option to Enable Desktop Notifications. Click here and a notification popup will appear on your desktop screen every time you receive Mentions and Direct Messages. Now you'll never miss an important tweet in Seesmic Web!

Enable Desktop Notifications - Seesmic Web 

New Mention - Desktop Notification - Seesmic Web 

More Languages: Indonesian, Korean, Polish and Dutch 

But we could not do it without our great translator community! We'd like to thank all our users, especially @Manveru1986, @seanchoe, and @roti, for continuing to help us with translations so that Seesmic Web is accessible in much more languages. We do have a long way to go in order to cover absolutely everything, but please enjoy these newly added translations:

  • Indonesian                 
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Dutch

If you'd like to help us out with translations, we'd always appreciate the help and welcome you to connect with Alexandra on Teamseesmic:

And this is just the beginning of the updates to come. Stay tuned, as we're focusing on making Seesmic Web your essential online channel of communication. Keep your feedback coming!

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Seesmic for Android & The LG Girl

Seesmic was paid a visit by the voice of LG Mobile and reviewed the latest features on Seesmic for Android. Stephanie Duchaine, also known as The LG Girl (@theLGgirl)  came by the office to interview our own product manager for mobile, Mathieu, and went over our recent release for Seesmic for Android. Mathieu also did a quick run through of the Android App on The LG Ally. Check out the video:

The LG Girl was a recent addition to LG to bring brand awareness through social media on Facebook and now Twitter. We're looking forward to seeing The LG Girl utilize all her tools to increase the LG brand.


Thanks to Stephanie and the rest of the LG crew for stopping by the Seesmic office. As for Seesmic, we're certainly looking forward to additional features coming up for the Seesmic for Android app.

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TweetUp Meeting in Seoul – Come and tweet Seesmic live!

Are you in Seoul, Korea on the 20th of July? Great, because we are too! Come and join Seesmic's first Tweet Up in Seoul, meet Loic and fire away all your tweets and thoughts. 

What we've prepared? A wonderful location, light food and drinks, interesting topics to talk about and a nice atmosphere for all our Seesmic friends. Why come by? It's a nice way to find out more about Seesmic apps and what's planned for us in the future. 


If you're eager to check Seesmic's TweetUp Meeting, here are a few valuable details: 

Venue: Macaroni Market & Boutique Club Function

Date: Tuesday,  20th of July, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Free drinks and finger food

Please, confirm your attendance on our Facebook Event Page and share the news with all your friends. We hope to see you there and spend a great evening together. 

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Seesmic as a Launch Partner in Evernote Trunk

is a popular note taking application that lets you remember everything.
From your desktop to your mobile, it helps more than 3 million users
stay on top of things.

On Wednesday, Evernote unveiled a new showcase of products, services and devices integrated with Evernote called the Evernote Trunk. Seesmic was a launch partner at the press event with a goal of fulfilling a vision of allowing users to utilize Seesmic and Evernote to save their "Social Memories"


Evernote is currently integrated in the Seesmic for iPhone and Seesmic for Android, we're very pleased with the feedback on the integrations.


You can access the Evernote Trunk in the Evernote client application and find Seesmic showcased under the mobile apps section of the Evernote Trunk.

Congratulations to Evernote, and we're very proud to be a partner with them.

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Seesmic for Android – now with Google Buzz and more

With multiple Twitter accounts and a feature-rich interface, Seesmic for Android now lets you add your Google Buzz  account. We're happy to be one of the first mobile social apps to implement Google Buzz to further enhance your online social experience. 

Search for Seesmic on the Android Market to download the 1.4 release, and take advantage of the following: 

  • Google Buzz support 
  • Inline preview of pictures and links for Google Buzz and Photos for Twitter
  • Updated Settings Interface
  • OAuth Implementation
  • Your updates displayed as "via Seesmic for Android"
  • UI improvements and bug fixes in the display and design 


Google Buzz 

Fan of Twitter? But have you tried out Google Buzz yet? If you haven't, be sure to give it a try and create your Google Buzz profile. You can add your Gmail e-mail address, grant access and connect with all your contacts. 

With Google Buzz support, you can post messages, see what your friends are "buzzing" about, "Like" the posts which appeal to you most and be sure to share the ones that catch your eye. 

Google Buzz Timeline  
Picture preview Google Buzz

Picture Preview in Timeline 

Want to know what is behind the picture upload link sent by your friends? Yes, we did too. We've now integrated the preview picture directly from the timeline. This can be adjusted from the app's Settings and you can view exactly what your friends are sending out and know just what to expect.

Picture preview Seesmic timeline


OAuth Implementation

This update will not impact your direct use of the app. We'll now use a more secure connection with Twitter, without using your password.

We're hoping that Seesmic for Android is the app you'll soon turn for smart mobile social networking! As always, we're opened to your suggestions on our Feedback Page. If you feel that there is so much more we can do together, tweet us on @askseesmic and we're sure to listen. 

Special thanks to our Team Seesmic members that have taken the time and have focused on the app's features. We definitely appreciate their openness and support of our efforts to make Seesmic apps appreciated. If you have any questions on the main features of Seesmic for Android 1.4, please check out the app's Support Page

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