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30 videos to build your brand using social networks (season1 wrap-up)

Watch 30 videos to build your own brand using social networks to learn step by step the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more networks in marketing yourself or your brand. Here is the video series on YouTube also available as an iTunes podcast.

1. Introduction
2. Setup your accounts
3. What you learned, unlearn it
4. What you can share
5. How you can update all networks
6. Listen and interact
7. Public search
8. How to get more Facebook fans and Twitter followers
9. Create a feedback forum
10. Use email, no kidding
11. Meet your community
12. Use Google Reader to share on your social networks
13. You should start a blog, too
14. Video is the best way to build your brand
15.  Share what you learn: read a book for example
16. Product reviews help you get traction
17. How you can use location
18. Answer questions from your community
19. Reach the influencers
20. How to measure success
21. Social commerce
22. Pilot all your social networks in one screen
23. Use lists to filter your streams
24. Share your presentations
25. Manage your business like you’re on Facebook
26. How to monetize
27. Get your site ready for Facebook
28. Manage the negative feedback
29. Don’t be negative yourself
30. It’s not about you, it’s about them

Please give us your feedback and questions you would like us to address for the season2!

Thanks to all the voluntary translators in our community who helped and are still helping (more language transcripts posted soon email Alexandra at seesmic dot com if you want to help translating) get the transcript in other languages as well as Whit Scott for the video production and Kathleen Murray for the initial english transcript. Oh and thanks Ricardo Sousa and Alexandra Oana Dumitru for helping coordinate the ongoing translation.

Here is what we learned about using YouTube as a medium.

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/btl3 Barbara Ling

    Wow, what a comprehensive selection of tutorials! Sharing this with my network, thanks for pulling them all together.