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Being DEMOnstrative with Seesmic

[by Cathy Brooks, Executive Producer – Seesmic]

The good thing about Seesmic is that there’s always someone around to whom I can speak.

The bad news about Seesmic is that there’s always someone around to whom I can speak. So as I’ve been trying to focus this weekend on writing our presentation script for the upcoming DEMO 2008 conference I find myself taking a few too many "study breaks" to hang out with my Seesmates.

That’s right – Seesmic was selected as one of the 80 companies to present at the upcoming DEMO 2008 conference, taking place in Palm Desert at the end of this month. If you’ve never been to a DEMO event, here’s the gist:

Chris Shipley and her team of analysts at Guidewire Group screen something like 250-300 applications for each DEMO conference. (There are two every year, one at the end of January and the other in September/October). From those application they select 70 to participate (though for this next event they expanded the "class" to 80 companies). 

Unlike other events that blend company and product highlights, DEMO dedicates 100 percent of its energy to the launch of new products. Many of the companies that participate do take advantage of the heavy-hitting press corps that attends to do a formal company launch, but at its heart DEMO is all about the products.

Even though we’ve not formally launched yet (Seesmic is still in closed, pre-alpha), we have enjoyed quite a bit of visibility. An early post on TechCrunch put some serious wind in our sails, resulting in about 5,000 people lining up to get invites to participate in our closed alpha. Since then we’ve had a few great stories including Business Week and The Financial Times. Most of them have focused on Loic and the manner in which he’s building the business – but a couple that have talked about our technology.

When Chris met with us to learn about Seesmic in mid-December and she liked what she saw, we had a long conversation about whether or not our technology would be fresh enough. With our being in closed, pre-alpha, the number of people who have actually seen and touched Seesmic is still quite limited, but to help give our presence there a bit more weight, we identified a couple of superb features from our product road map that we agreed to unveil at DEMO.

While I cannot share specifically what we’ll be showing at DEMO, I will be giving an ongoing update of our journey down the road to this event. It’s a considerable undertaking requiring rather grueling preparation – from the scripted stage presentation to the talking points for our exhibit booth, and all the PR and marketing infrastructure we have to build between now and then.

So stay tuned …

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