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Seesmic For Windows Phone 7 Just Got Better

Of course we like compliments, but we could not survive without your feedback.  While our initial release of Windows Phone 7 was well-received, you had some great suggestions on how to make it even better.

Seesmic for Windows Phone
You will find the following enhancements in the Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 release, which is live today.
  • Improved user experience: We worked hard to improve the user experience with the context menus, and we hope you’ll agree that the experience is slicker than ever before
  • Saleforce Chatter: We improved the UI to make navigation more intuitive.
  • Speak a tweet: Yes, tweets read outloud to you! We are not kidding!
  • Trend integration: Check out “What The Trend“.
  • SMS Integration: Send a tweet via SMS.
  • Hyperlinks: You choose how you would like to open hyperlinks, either in-app browser or Internet Explorer.
  • Spring cleaning: Yes, we got rid of a few pesky issues in Facebook timelines and complications with Twitter logins.

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