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Seesmic For Android 1.7: Go Faster With Shortcuts & More

When you are on your Android, you want to go fast, be more efficient and manage information overload without leaving your home screen or navigating menus. Save time with Seesmic for Android 1.7, featuring shortcuts and more of what you asked for. The new release is live, and here is what you can expect to find.

  • Shortcuts: Add shortcuts for anything within Seesmic directly to your home screen. Access accounts, the composer, searches, lists, Facebook pages, Chatter groups in one tap. We made this video to walk you through how to set up your shortcuts. Yes, you can tell from my voice that I am excited to share this release with our Android users.
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Seesmic For Windows Phone 7 Just Got Better

Of course we like compliments, but we could not survive without your feedback.  While our initial release of Windows Phone 7 was well-received, you had some great suggestions on how to make it even better.

Seesmic for Windows Phone
You will find the following enhancements in the Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 release, which is live today.
  • Improved user experience: We worked hard to improve the user experience with the context menus, and we hope you’ll agree that the experience is slicker than ever before
  • Saleforce Chatter: We improved the UI to make navigation more intuitive.
  • Speak a tweet: Yes, tweets read outloud to you! We are not kidding!
  • Trend integration: Check out “What The Trend“.
  • SMS Integration: Send a tweet via SMS.
  • Hyperlinks: You choose how you would like to open hyperlinks, either in-app browser or Internet Explorer.
  • Spring cleaning: Yes, we got rid of a few pesky issues in Facebook timelines and complications with Twitter logins.

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Seesmic’s Social Media Management Day Debuts In France

It is hard to top Cloudforce Paris, but Cedric Giorgi, Seesmic’s European Director, gave it a shot, and we are all impressed with the results. Over 300 people attended our first Social Media Management Day (SMMD) last week in France.


It was an opportunity to hear leaders from nearly every industry discuss their social media strategies first-hand.
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Fifteen speakers represented ten multinational companies and just about every industry, including Facebook, Salesforce, Air France, France Televisions, Orange, Orangina-Schweppes, Domino’s Pizza, La Poste and Canon France.

The chance to hear leaders of global brands explain their social media strategies is valuable anywhere, but it does not happen often enough in France. At Seesmic, we hope to make it happen more often.

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Cloudforce Paris 2011: Mobile, Social and Seesmic

Our CEO, Loic Le Meur, returned from Cloudforce Paris late in the afternoon without a trace of jetlag and ready to get to work. What happened in Paris?


According to the photosvideos and articles about Cloudforce, the event was a success with nearly two thousand attendees, 19 breakout sessions and major press and analyst coverage. John Taschek, Saleforce’s VP of Strategy, explained the mood at Cloudforce Paris:

A new and mobile revolution has become more visceral…a preferred way of interacting with enterprise technology..the old model is bleeding and the new mobile and social memes are not the cutting edge or bleeding edge but the mainstream. EMEA
Widespread acceptance of mobile and social. Not just by San Francsico’s early adopters, but by the mainstream globally. This is confirmation that Seesmic’s focus and timing is spot on. Taschek points to Android’s recent growth, which we are seeing firsthand, this choice is driving the mobile and social revolution. Seesmic stands out in a crowded space by offering choices and developing applications that integrate dozens of networks (internal and external) on multiple operating systems. Seesmic builds native mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Why? because our users are not uniform, nor are their needs, preferences, operating systems or devices.

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