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Dear users,

As you might have heard, we are about to close We’ve built its successor, Seesmic Ping, which is more reliable, stable and robust, providing more features and focusing on the most popular services. Here’s what’s currently featured in Seesmic Ping:

  • Post from iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Post via email
  • Post and schedule to multiple Twitter, Facebook (Pages & Profiles) and LinkedIn accounts (we’ve just added Tumblr)
  • Quickly and easily schedule posts to be sent at a future date and time
  • Create groups to send a combination of services.
  • Share multiple kinds of content: share links as attachments for Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr; share photos or images (post pictures on Facebook and Twitter as if you were posting them “natively”)
  • View thumbnails of your images to ensure you know exactly what you are sharing
  • Preview and select thumbnails for attached links
  • View the history of your recent posts
  • View, edit or delete your scheduled posts
  • Bookmarklet for easy posting

And here are some features that you will be able to use on your Windows desktop:

  • Click and drag images onto the composer (you can also do a right click on the image file and “Share with Seesmic Ping”)
  • Click and drag links onto the composer
  • Spell check support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Bookmarklet: automatically attach links with a single button
  • Minimize to System Tray: closing the app will minimize to the System Tray for easy access. Ctrl + Shift + P activates and brings the app to the front

New features coming:

  • Post via RSS
  • Customize group targets for email posting and RSS
  • Metrics
  • And more…

When will no longer be supported?

We will close down by mid-June. We’ve been working hard to get Seesmic Ping on par with the service you are used to.  So from the get-go you should enjoy a great experience when switching to Seesmic Ping, and it will only get better from there. So right now, we encourage you to get your Seesmic Profile and try Seesmic Ping through our mobile, desktop or web applications.  If you want to do it directly from your account, just log in: we’ve just put in place a special wizard that will smoothly take you through the process.


There will be three plans for Seesmic Ping: a free plan, so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy it, a $4.99/month plan for the ones who want to get more, and a $49.99 for the ones who just want it all.  We will start charging for the service after the beta period, and more details will be provided by the time we officially launch in June.

API developers

As part of our service, we have a Seesmic Ping API available in private beta.  If you want to learn more about it, please contact We will provide more details on our plans (features, pricing, etc.) for the Seesmic Ping API soon.

We hope that we’ll make the community happy with the new service we’ve been working on. If you have any question or comment, feel free to contact us:

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy Seesmic Ping.

All the best,

The Seesmic Team

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Seesmic for iPhone : Post To Multiple Accounts, New Composer and More

Good news! Seesmic for iPhone has a new look and features we hope you will enjoy. With Seesmic for iPhone 1.4, you’ll now be able to :

  • Access all of your Twitter information, following Twitter’s OAuth update
  • Post to multiple accounts – as many or as few as you’d like
  • Compose updates ahead of time and save them as drafts
  • Add and upload multiple pictures at the same time
  • Enjoy Offline capability

Twitter OAuth

Twitter recently updated their permission levels to protect users privacy, allowing you to approve applications without sharing your password. We have updated Seesmic for iPhone to accommodate these changes by signing in through Twitter’s site (OAuth) to authorize its use.

  • When you launch Seesmic, and your Twitter timeline is being retrieved, a message will pop up, prompting you to begin the Twitter OAuth process. Press “OK” to continue.
  • You will be redirected to the Twitter interface: input your account credentials, and press “Authorize”.
  • When the authentication finishes, you will be brought back to your home screen, showing you all of your spaces.
  • Repeat to authorize each additional Twitter account.

It should be a snap, but if you have any problems, please send us an email at or visit Seesmic’s help desk for more details.

Post to Multiple Accounts

Want to post to multiple accounts at once? Compose, and when you’re ready to post, select as many (or as few) accounts as you would like. This includes Twitter, Facebook, and Chatter accounts.

When you tap “Done”, the number of accounts you have selected will be displayed at the top of your screen. You can tap this to add or subtract accounts.

New Composer

Check out the sleek new composer with under the keyboard features.

Additions include the outbox, saved drafts and offline capability. The new interface will now allow you to easily save drafts, upload multiple pictures, and add a link to your location. Just tap on the number of characters you have left (here, 116) to switch between the keyboard and adding capabilities.

What else? You can now attach up to five photos to post across multiple profiles and preview your attachments and drafts before you send them.

Yes! All of this, including a few additional enhancements, are ready for you to to enjoy now. Download iPhone 1.4, and let us know what you think.

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Seesmic for iPhone – Improvements to UI, Facebook Pages, Language Support and More!

We've recently released some key improvements for Seesmic for iPhone which you'll find extremely useful in this 1.2 version. 

With Seesmic for iPhone 1.2, you have the ability to: 

  • See and load the gap in a timeline if a lot of tweets have been missed
  • Preview images with a message in your timeline and in detailed view of tweets
  • View all the Replies to a user from his profile and the correct display of users that Retweeted a tweet 
  • Post to the Facebook Pages you're admin of. Simply select a page on the Composer account selector and send a post
  • View the app in 5 more languages: Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Korean
  • Access your Settings from within the application, on the Spaces screen
  • Change the text size of the timeline from the Settings and view a tutorial at launch of the app to help you discover the main features of the app. 

Managing Gaps in Your Timeline

When managing your stream on Twitter or Facebook, you're likely to miss some of your friends' updates. In order to make your navigation easier, the timeline will load faster into a gap section. If you are interested to see what you have missed, tap on the gap and the feeds will load in your timeline. 


Inline Image Preview, Retweets and Replies from Profile 

Seesmic for iPhone now includes the inline picture view from your timeline and the tweet itself.  You can also see the list of users that retweeted a tweet.

InlinePreviews  TopNav_Previews_RT

Update your Facebook Pages

You're now able to post updates to Facebook pages that you're an admin of. Simply choose the accounts and pages within the settings of the composer.

FBPages  FBPages_Composer


Settings Within the Application, Tutorial and Available in More Languages

We made some improvements to navigate through your settings, which are now inside the application itself. Go to the Seesmic for iPhone spaces dashboard and press on the gear wheel to take you to the app's settings. For new users, once you start the app you will be welcomed by a helpful and interactive tutorial. 

Seesmic now adds language support for Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Korean. A sincere thank you and appreciation to all the translation team! As always, our team has done an outstanding job and we're very grateful for their help and support! 


Improved Placement for Ads in Timeline

After receiving feedback with our experiment with ads, we learned a few things and the importance of providing users with a clear timeline. As a solution, we provided a space for ads that are less intrusive, and you can pay to remove them completely from the app from the Settings.

With all the updates noted above, we still have more. Other improvements include: 

On Twitter:

  • Provide the ability to access the saved searches of your Twitter account from the top of the timeline or when adding a search as a Space
  • TweetPhoto is now Plixi
  • Provide a landscape mode when viewing a link from the application
  • Bug fixes and improvements

On Facebook: 

  • Posts to a friend's wall are now correctly displayed in the feed
  • Like button has been moved to the bottom of the screen
  • Improved performance for comments of posts
  • Links posted on Facebook are now properly attached

Keep us posted on the Feedback Forum on how you appreciate the new update and ping us on Twitter at @askseesmic and @seesmic – we're always listening regardless of the hour and the time zone!  

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