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Introducing Seesmic Look

Seesmic Look is a unique way to learn, observe or be immersed in the
real-time web. A Windows desktop app bringing
together Twitter data with a beautiful design, approachability and ease
of use, Look delivers a rich, cinematic experience.

At Seesmic, we work very hard to reach our vision to help users manage their presence online, and we try our best to make Seesmic available on every screen and touch every social network.

Now, we felt it was time to challenge ourselves and make something truly special.

We took an unusual route and shifted paradigms to develop something no one has done before. We were challenged to reach out to an untapped market – a mainstream audience not familiar with Twitter – people in your personal circle like friends or family members (think “Mom” or “Dad”), that heard of Twitter but were never interested, or never had the opportunity to have a positive and friendly experience.

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