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Dear users,

As you might have heard, we are about to close We’ve built its successor, Seesmic Ping, which is more reliable, stable and robust, providing more features and focusing on the most popular services. Here’s what’s currently featured in Seesmic Ping:

  • Post from iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Post via email
  • Post and schedule to multiple Twitter, Facebook (Pages & Profiles) and LinkedIn accounts (we’ve just added Tumblr)
  • Quickly and easily schedule posts to be sent at a future date and time
  • Create groups to send a combination of services.
  • Share multiple kinds of content: share links as attachments for Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr; share photos or images (post pictures on Facebook and Twitter as if you were posting them “natively”)
  • View thumbnails of your images to ensure you know exactly what you are sharing
  • Preview and select thumbnails for attached links
  • View the history of your recent posts
  • View, edit or delete your scheduled posts
  • Bookmarklet for easy posting

And here are some features that you will be able to use on your Windows desktop:

  • Click and drag images onto the composer (you can also do a right click on the image file and “Share with Seesmic Ping”)
  • Click and drag links onto the composer
  • Spell check support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Bookmarklet: automatically attach links with a single button
  • Minimize to System Tray: closing the app will minimize to the System Tray for easy access. Ctrl + Shift + P activates and brings the app to the front

New features coming:

  • Post via RSS
  • Customize group targets for email posting and RSS
  • Metrics
  • And more…

When will no longer be supported?

We will close down by mid-June. We’ve been working hard to get Seesmic Ping on par with the service you are used to.  So from the get-go you should enjoy a great experience when switching to Seesmic Ping, and it will only get better from there. So right now, we encourage you to get your Seesmic Profile and try Seesmic Ping through our mobile, desktop or web applications.  If you want to do it directly from your account, just log in: we’ve just put in place a special wizard that will smoothly take you through the process.


There will be three plans for Seesmic Ping: a free plan, so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy it, a $4.99/month plan for the ones who want to get more, and a $49.99 for the ones who just want it all.  We will start charging for the service after the beta period, and more details will be provided by the time we officially launch in June.

API developers

As part of our service, we have a Seesmic Ping API available in private beta.  If you want to learn more about it, please contact We will provide more details on our plans (features, pricing, etc.) for the Seesmic Ping API soon.

We hope that we’ll make the community happy with the new service we’ve been working on. If you have any question or comment, feel free to contact us:

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy Seesmic Ping.

All the best,

The Seesmic Team

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Seesmic’s Presentation at Google I/O Now Available

Seesmic had the privilege of participating at Google I/O last month, where we launched our applications integrated with Google Buzz. Along with our successful Seesmic for Android application, we got a chance to showcase our other opportunities where we partnered with Google.


So far, we're pretty happy with our Google Buzz integrations with Seesmic Web,, Seesmic for Android (in beta) and our preview version of Seesmic Desktop 2, and we're pretty excited and looking forward to some of our future integrations.

Here is a video of our own Marco Kaiser presenting our Seesmic offerings in Google Buzz in the panel, "What's the hubbub about Google Buzz APIs?"

You can review the full video here, as well as the pdf. As well as catch the rest of the videos of the Google I/O sessions. Enjoy!

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Google Buzz Integrated in Seesmic Web, Desktop, Android and

Seesmic is one of the most popular social software clients that allow users to easily access your social networks in one application and successfully manage your online presence.  We’re very happy to share with you our integration of Google Buzz into four of our products. Seesmic has collaborated with Google, and you can now manage Google Buzz in Seesmic Web,, a beta version of Seesmic for Android and our preview version of the next generation of Seesmic Desktop.

Seesmic Web

In Seesmic Web, a very light and fast social web application, you can access and manage your Google Buzz network and your online presence in your browser. Easily stay in touch and be connected with your Google Buzz and other social communities in one screen from any computer. 

SeesmicWebBuzz-IO is a free social networking service that now enables you to post to Google Buzz, as well as dozens of other social networks simultaneously.  Simply search and select Google Buzz when adding a network, and safely login using the official login process for Google Buzz. Once added, you can now post freely via Seesmic, email, chat or other services you can configure.


Seesmic for Android (beta for Google I/O attendees)

In our beta version of the ever-popular Seesmic for Android (available to attendees at Google I/O who attend the Seesmic booth), you can manage your online presence with Google Buzz on a mobile platform. Add your Google Buzz account and view, search and post to your feed.  You can also add comments and likes to your stream. If you are at Google I/O, feel free to come by the booth and try out the Google Buzz features!


Seesmic Desktop – Preview Version

Finally, in our preview version of a feature-rich social client, the next generation of Seesmic Desktop combines the best features from of our ever-popular social application and expands the capabilities with a plugin architecture. Customize your online presence with Google Buzz and other available plugins to meet your needs.


We’re pretty excited with what we can do when integrating our products, and taking advantage of the power of Google Buzz, and we’re looking forward towards further integration with our other products. From web to mobile or email to chat, and thanks to the help and support of the Google Buzz team, Seesmic strives to be the gateway to all your social services on any online platform. 

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We’ve acquired Get ready to update 50 social networks from Seesmic

Your friends are not all in one social network, but we want to help you stay in touch with them anytime and from any device. That is Seesmic's vision and to deliver this faster, we have acquired You can now update 50 social networks using from email, chat, sms, Blackberry, Android, web, Windows, OSX and much more soon. 

Image_pingfm4 has more than half a million active users who post daily from any device just by sending an email, a text message or chat – simple tools that existed since the early stages of the Internet are available on all connected devices. This is why is extremely easy to use and access –just send an update and it can touch on 50 social networks including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ning, WordPress, TypePad, Yammer, and many more. is compatible with every single Internet device in the world, which why it has become so successful among thousands of users.  

Try using chat to update Twitter, and you’ll find it direct and seamless as you can post updates from gtalk, aim or skype through It's so simple and amazing, and it's always posts 200,000 updates a day and has 500,000 registered users. Rapidly gaining more and more members, is growing at a very fast pace and will help Seesmic reach this year's goal of one million updates a day in 2010.  Thanks to its powerful and simple API, more than a hundred applications already use to update all the main social networks and Seesmic commits to maintaining and improving the platform. Not only has Twhirl supported for about a year, but we are also preparing to open Seesmic apps with our own plug-in architecture so we understand and care about the developer community.

Loicseanandadam co-founders, Adam Duffy and Sean McCullough, are joining the Seesmic team full time and will keep improving as well as integrating it with our Seesmic applications. The number one request from users is to have more powerful clients support postings to their social networks, so they should be pleased to know Seesmic applications will be adding this functionality. Seesmic is also welcoming angel investors as shareholders and advisors Joi Ito (@joi), Reid Hoffman (@quixotic) who was already a Seesmic shareholder and Mohamed Nanabhay (@mohamed).Seesmic applications on Blackberry, Android, Web, Windows and Mac OS X via Air will all have advanced integration very shortly and therefore will instantly support 50 social networks.  Seesmic users will also be able to update not only with the apps they are used to, but also with's email, sms and chat gateways.  Seesmic is now the only social software application available on that many screens and able to update all your favorite social networks. The acquisition enables Seesmic to deliver faster its vision of becoming your default application to stay in touch with your friends and constantly managing your online social presence.  Seesmic applications got more than 3.5 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of daily users.

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