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Viralheat Plugin update: now with sentiment analysis

Back in April, Viralheat launched a plugin for Seesmic Desktop. Since then you have been able to combine the power of Viralheat’s expertise in social media analysis and monitoring with your favorite social media management tool. This plugin allows you to access social trends, as well as analytics and statistics.

Now Viralheat is back with a shiny new version of its plugin which includes sentiment analysis. Viralheat’s sentiment analysis software uses the most advanced technology to analyze the mood of all mentions in your Twitter stream and searches.

In this update, you will be able to see sentiment in your Twitter timelines as well as when searching Twitter on Seesmic Desktop.

You can also manually edit the sentiment.

Viralheat edit Sentiment Analysis manually

To unlock the wonders of the new Viralheat plugin, visit the Marketplace or update your plugin directly from Seesmic Desktop.

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Using Social Media for Customer Service with the New 6dgree Plugin

Are you engaging with your customers in social media to provide customer service, sales or product support? Do you have a multi-agent social media team? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you.

The new 6dgree plugin provides Customer service capabilities, workflow management, dialog forums and conversation tracking for your entire social media engagement team, all from your Seesmic Desktop app. Want to see for yourself? Check out the screenshot of the plugin in action, below.

(click me to enlarge)

With 6dgree plugin, you can:

  • Review conversations by outstanding status, priority
  • Select work tasks allocated to you specifically
  • Allocate priority and topics of inquiry
  • Assign service agents to specific inquiries
  • Record status and file notes for future record
  • Access a full history of conversations between your brand and customers

6dgree is designed for organizations with multi-agent customer service teams. It supports brands with multiple properties, such as companies with multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts. The plugin is awesome, and it’s part of a more extensive social media monitoring and engagement platform from 6dgree, so check them out.

We hope you enjoy the newest plugin on the ever expanding Seesmic Desktop platform!

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Real-Time Analytics Come to Seesmic with the New Visibli Plugin

Today, we’re super excited to announce the launch of the Visibli plugin for Seesmic Desktop. Quite simply, the plugin provides real-time analytics for all of your shared links.

To provide a more in-depth look, Visibli helps Twitter and Facebook users track and monetize shared links. This plugin for Seesmic will automatically track each link that you share through the app, and display the analytics in a new column.

Think: Google Analytics for the source.

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Fuel Your Fascination With The New Evri Plugin

There’s a lot of content on the web. Sometimes, it almost seems like there’s too much.

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 9.54.06 AMThat’s where the new Evri plugin for Seesmic Desktop comes into play. With Evri, you’re fed the latest and most popular stories, helping you track the ones that matter most and enabling you to curate your own channels.

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Keep Your Finger on What’s Happening with the New Yahoo! Updates Plugin

All you avid Yahoo! users out there, we’ve got quite the treat.

Introducing, the new Yahoo! Updates plugin. Yahoo! Updates are like little news bulletins about you and your friends that appear throughout Yahoo! products such as Profiles, Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! Messenger. Now, there’s a plugin in Seesmic for just that.

Yahoo-logoThrough Updates you find out things like when a friend has added a new connection or changed her contact information. Updates help people stay in touch by automatically letting each other know what they’ve been up to on Yahoo! and beyond.

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