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Seesmic has been acquired by HootSuite


We are thrilled to announce today that Seesmic has been acquired by HootSuite. Seesmic and HootSuite have long shared a vision for the future of social media management and after years of friendly competition, have developed a mutual respect for one another. We care deeply about you, our users, and believe that this is the best possible outcome in what has been an exciting run together.

We would like to thank everyone involved with Seesmic since its launch, it has been an incredible ride and we are very thankful for all the support and passion you shared with us.

Like Seesmic, Hootsuite offers a suite of social media management tools, with even more options for small business and enterprise customers. Initially, support for both products will continue, however we will soon be bringing everyone into one great platform. We’re working on ways to make the transition as smooth as possible so keep an eye out for updates.


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Seesmic Ping Update – Post to WordPress

We’re excited to share another update to Seesmic Ping – the addition of WordPress as a posting service. A feature that’s available to Seesmic users under the Plus and Pro plan, users can now add WordPress and post updates to your WordPress blog(s) along with Twitter, Facebook (and Facebook Pages), LinkedIn and Tumblr (including sub-blogs).


To add your WordPress blog(s), simply go to the Accounts tab, and under your list of accounts, click on the WordPress button under “Add Accounts.” SeesmicPingAccountAddWordPress

You’ll be brought to a login screen to fill out your blog url, username and password. Once complete, you will see your WordPress blog as a selection to post to!

WordPress Comments also in Feedback Response Metrics
Along with posting to WordPress, you can also view how many comments you receive in our newest analytics feature: Feedback Response Metrics, which we recently released in beta a couple of weeks ago.  Under the History tab, for each message you post, you get a analytic summary of responses from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr and now WordPress. The number in comments section will also link back to the original post (we’ll look to integrate viewing actual comments in an upcoming release).


We’re pretty excited about the latest release and even more excited about the next features coming up soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to bring them up to our help site at

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Introducing – Seesmic Ping Response Metrics (Beta)

Introducing – Seesmic Ping Response Metrics Beta

We’re very happy to share with you a beta version of the Seesmic Ping Response Metrics feature for messages that you post to your social networks.

With this feature, you can find out in one place how many likes, comments, shares, retweets, and reblogs you get from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – and for paid users, Facebook Pages and Tumblr.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on both the design and the general functions, as we build this out. This feature is available to free users for the last 3 messages and for the last 25 messages for paid users.

Here are details for this first version.

When sending a message from Seesmic Ping,  you are provided summary of results for each message in the “History” section of Seesmic Ping, currently labeled “Feedback“.


The summary is separate by three categories:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares (including Retweets & Reblogs)
Each category will show the total number of each type of response from all accounts you sent your message from.

Click on the “Show Details” link to expand on the summary and show all the feedback responses from each of the account.

FeedbackmetricsDetailsSo far, we’ve summarized your

  • Facebook: Likes, Comments, Shares (we’re not able to share responses from messages with images, working with FB on this)
  • Twitter: Retweets
  • LinkedIn: Likes, Comments, Shares
  • Tumblr: Likes, Replies, Reblogs

Each icon that’s has an available response will link to the original post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

For this version, the data is currently refreshed every 30 minutes (for LinkedIn, it will be every 3 hours for the time being). In the next iteration we’d like to have a notification if you get new or updated information.

Eventually, we’d like to expand on this so you can 1) view the actual responses (who liked your message, read text from comments) and 2) respond directly to all your responses within this section.

Tumblr updates – posting to sub-blogs:
For our paid users , we’ve also improved our implementation with our Tumblr service. You can now post to sub-blogs associated under the main Tumblr account. I works similar to Facebook Pages. Simply choose your Tumblr account and click on “Select Blogs” to get a list of blogs to choose.

We’re excited to have this and our feedback response metrics out to users and looking forward to hearing feedback.
For our paid users, we’ve set up a special help/feedback site – Seesmic VIPs: you’re a paid user and not able to access this, let us know in the help desk) 

Feel free to contact us though the helpdesk or @seesmictips if you need any help or assistance.

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New Update for Seesmic for Android – Mute Feature

For our Android users, we’re happy to share a simple new feature that’s been requested through our feedback site as well as reviews in the Google Play Store.

Seesmic for Android now allows you to mute any messages based on content or mute Twitter messages based on @username.

Simply choose “Mute” under the Options menu and enter the text you want to mute from your timeline. This will remove any messages from Twitter and Facebook containing any text you enter. When you enter the “@” symbol, a list of potential usernames will appear for you to choose to ensure you want to mute a certain user from your Twitter timeline.

Seesmic Android Mute Menu Seesmic Android Mute Feature

We’re pretty excited about this simple, but pretty useful feature.

Note: We released a version (1.8.3) a couple of days ago, but found some issues & reported crashes for certain devices on Android 2.1 & 2.2 – We quickly released a version (1.8.4), and it looks like, for the most part, all is well and we’ll continue to monitor things. Thanks for everyone’s patience on this.

We’re continuing to work on more upcoming features and will keep you posted!

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Introducing Seesmic Ping Paid Plans

We launched Seesmic Ping in beta early this year and have continued to work on the product – adding services (ie Tumblr), features (bookmarklet) and mobile applications (iPhone, iPad and Android) – and we’ll continue to work on adding features and services.

Several weeks ago, we announced to users about our pricing plan for Seesmic Ping and this week we are launching Seesmic Ping as a paid service and will continue building the product through our paid users. We will still offer a free plan and users will still be able to take advantage of the basic features. We’ve also improved the UI to the Seesmic Ping posting page, and we hope you’ll share in our delight with the improvements we’ve made.

Details of the Plans:
We’re offering three pricing tiers – Free, Plus and Pro.
You can view the pricing plans here.

Free Plan
There are two main limits for the Free plan: 1) number of accounts you can post to and 2) number of posts per day.

Number of accounts: Current users are by default under the free plan and will be limited to posting to three basic accounts (one Twitter, one Facebook account, and one LinkedIn account). Users under the free plan can set up as many accounts as they want – the limits are for posting destinations.

For example, I have a few twitter accounts set up in my Seesmic Profile: I have @yama as my personal account and @TakoyakiCart as my side business. Under the free plan, I can send a post to @yama and in a separate post, I can send to @TakoyakiCart. However, I won’t be able to send a single post to two twitter accounts at the same time in the free plan.

Seesmic Ping Account Limits

Seesmic Ping Account Limits

Posting limits: Under the free plan, you’ll be limited to 10 posts per day, that will include posts you scheduled in the future. Users will be notified when they reach their 8th post that they are near the limit of 10. On the web, you are notified when the limit is reset, which is when you make the first post of the day. Users will be notified/warned on both web and clients on the number of posts.

  Seesmic Ping Posting Limits

Seesmic Ping Posting Limits

Plus Plan
Users who sign up for a Seesmic Plus plan for $4.99 per month, can send up to 50 posts per day, to a combination of up to 10 accounts (including Tumblr and Facebook Pages) for posting.

Pro Plan
Users who sign up for a Seesmic Pro plan for $49.99 per month, can send an unlimited number of posts per day, to as many accounts you can set up for your Seesmic Profile.

By default, all users will be under the free plan, and it should not impact your accounts that you’ve already set up. You can upgrade your account by going to Profile settings to upgrade your plan.

Once you sign up for a plan, you can cancel your plan within the first 30 days, and will be refunded immediately. If you choose to cancel your plan after 30 days, you won’t be billed at the next billing cycle and can continue to use the plan until the end of the current cycle.

After years of providing free products, we’re pretty excited around implementing paid plans and start committing ourselves to work with customers. We still have much to do and a lot of work ahead of us, but we have a lot of exciting things coming in the pipeline. If you need help, you can submit your questions on our help site:  If you have any suggestions to help us prioritize, feel free to add, vote or campaign here on our feedback site:


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