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Seesmic Ping Now Available Native on Desktop for OS X and Windows

We’re very excited to share a couple of new releases for Seesmic Ping. Now, you will be able to use your favorite cross-posting platform directly from your desktop, either on your Mac or on your Windows PC.

And for the best experience, we made these two applications native!

You will be able to:

  • Post to multiple Twitter, Facebook (Pages & Profiles) and LinkedIn accounts

  • Quickly and easily schedule posts to be sent at a future date and time

  • View thumbnails of your images to ensure you know exactly what you are sharing

  • View the history of your recent posts

  • View a list of your scheduled posts
  • Share multiple kinds of content: share links as attachments for Facebook as well as photos or images

In addition to all these features already available on our existing Seesmic Ping products, here are some highlights of this release for both platforms:

  • Click and drag images onto the composer (you can also do a right click on the image file and “Share with Seesmic Ping”)
  • Click and drag links onto the composer
  • Spell check support
  • Keyboard shortcuts


We also have a couple of specific features for Seesmic Ping for Windows:

  • Bookmarklet: automatically attach links with a single button
  • Minimize to System Tray: closing the app will minimize to the System Tray for easy access. Ctrl + Shift + P activates and brings the app to the front

We hope you will enjoy it as much was we do. Happy posting!

The Seesmic Team

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Viralheat Plugin update: now with sentiment analysis

Back in April, Viralheat launched a plugin for Seesmic Desktop. Since then you have been able to combine the power of Viralheat’s expertise in social media analysis and monitoring with your favorite social media management tool. This plugin allows you to access social trends, as well as analytics and statistics.

Now Viralheat is back with a shiny new version of its plugin which includes sentiment analysis. Viralheat’s sentiment analysis software uses the most advanced technology to analyze the mood of all mentions in your Twitter stream and searches.

In this update, you will be able to see sentiment in your Twitter timelines as well as when searching Twitter on Seesmic Desktop.

You can also manually edit the sentiment.

Viralheat edit Sentiment Analysis manually

To unlock the wonders of the new Viralheat plugin, visit the Marketplace or update your plugin directly from Seesmic Desktop.

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