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Excellent Feedback on Seesmic Web – How social networks can be seen in your browser

Seesmic Web is expanding its wardrobe so to speak! – introducing Facebook, LinkedIn, together with, Google Buzz and FourSquare all in one browser tab!

And the response to the newly integrated features of Seesmic Web was amazing. We're extremely happy with all the encouraging reviews the web app has received in a small amount of time. We hope we are not forgetting anyone and extend our warm appreciation to: TechCrunch, Mashable, Next Write Web, Download Squad and Bitelia. 

Robin Wauters in TechCrunch "Seesmic Web Adds Desktop App-Like Abilities, Facebook And LinkedIn Support" 

"I also noticed that, at least in Google Chrome, there are desktop notifications that pop up when you receive direct messages or when someone mentions your username or replies to one of your tweets on Twitter. I’ve only had it for about an hour, and I’m already used to it.

Who needs desktop applications anyway, when HTML5-enabled apps behave like this?" 

Christina Warren in Mashable "Seesmic Web Now Supports Facebook and LinkedIn

"What’s nice about the Facebook integration is that you can directly Like an item from your News Feed and also reply in-line, just as you can with Twitter. The Twitter portion of Seesmic web now supports in-line retweets and easy reply access, as well." 

Brad McCarty in The Next Web "Seesmic Web updates to become your new favorite Twitter client

'"There are times, though, that you aren’t in a position to use a full blown desktop client. Or maybe you’re just looking for a better way to run Twitter in a broswer? Seesmic Web is your answer.

Seesmic Web has been around for a while, but the latest update brings some really slick changes." 

Lee Mathews in Download Squad "Seesmic Web gets huge update: Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn, desktop notifications arrive" 

"Seesmic Web is one of my go-to web apps, and I've been waiting patiently for the development team to add support for networks other than Twitter and Google Buzz. Today, there's been a refresh and a handful of new services have arrived — including Facebook. Foursquare, and LinkedIn." 

Cecilia Saia in Bitelia Seesmic Web se actualiza e integra Facebook y LinkedIn

"Seesmic Web es una de las mejores aplicaciones en línea para utilizar Twitter, complementando una serie de aplicaciones para escritorio y para móviles que son realmente excelentes (yo, por ejemplo, utilizo Seesmic en mi Android). Y ahora la versión para usar en cualquier navegador se actualiza una vez más para acercarnos novedades muy útiles." 

Thank you for all your interest in covering and trying out Seesmic Web. After such a positive response, we have went back to the drawing board and put all our efforts into making Seesmic Web your go to social platform. If you have not tried it, we encourage you do so. We'd definitely appreciate your suggestions on how to make Seesmic Web your home browser for social media communication!  

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Seesmic Web – Now with Facebook and LinkedIn Support, Desktop notifications, and Faster than ever!

Seesmic Web now eases the management of all your social feeds, by also adding Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, all in one browser tab! 

We were keen on making Seesmic Web snappier to use! Getting our web application to run faster and be more lightweight is extremely important to us. We're hoping you'll be delighted by the performance boost in this new version of Seesmic Web!

This, along with other improvements, allows you to expand your online horizon with essential social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google Buzz and Here are the updates available now in Seesmic Web:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn account Integration
  • Refreshed design and visual clues for important messages 
  • HTML5 Desktop Notification (Only on Chrome)
  • More languages : Indonesian,  Korean, Polish, Dutch

Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts

Seesmic Web - Compose Bar 

You asked for it! Now you can easily keep up to date your Facebook friends directly from Seesmic Web! Simply go to Settings, grant access to your Facebook account and your newsfeed timeline will be ready and easily accessible. What can you do from Seesmic Web? Well, just like on Facebook, you can add comments to status updates, Like posts, and even share Facebook posts from your e-mail address all from within Seesmic Web.

Seesmic Web - Facebook Timeline
 Seesmic Web - Facebook Comments

Whether you are job hunting, sprucing up your online resume, or just want to keep an eye out for new professional challenges, simply add your LinkedIn feed in Seesmic Web and you are good to go.Keep track of all your contact updates, know who is changing job, hiring and who's now available to hire!

Seesmic Web - LinkedIn Timeline

Refreshed design and visual clues for important messages

Managing multiple social networks can be a complete struggle sometimes. We've made sure that this does not happen in Seesmic Web! Ease of navigation and an intuitive UI is important especially when you want to manage and update both social and professional networks simultaneously. Here are some improvements that will help make your Seesmic Web experience a little bit easier:

  • New color coding of Direct Mention Tweets - notice the blue color on the left next to the tweet? This is to help distinguish this as a direct mention to you so this doesn't get lost among the endless amounts of other posts. 

Twitter Mentions - Seesmic Web 

  • New Reply Menu, with direct access to Retweet and Reply – When you hover over the lower right side of each tweet, you'll see a set of three buttons to choose from to easily reply directly to the tweet, Retweet this tweet, or click on the Options icon to view other actions available.

Twitter Reply - Seesmic Web

  • Yfrog support – Want to vary your picture posting networks? You can select to post from Yfrog or Tweetphoto support.

Picture Service - Seesmic Web

  • Survey - One of the first things you will probably notice is the pop up survey, please help us out as we continue to make improvements catered to your needs by letting us know how you use Seesmic Web! 

Survey - Seesmic Web

Chrome HTML5 Desktop Notifications

Sound notifications not enough for you? Well if you are using Google Chrome you are in luck as you'll have the option to Enable Desktop Notifications. Click here and a notification popup will appear on your desktop screen every time you receive Mentions and Direct Messages. Now you'll never miss an important tweet in Seesmic Web!

Enable Desktop Notifications - Seesmic Web 

New Mention - Desktop Notification - Seesmic Web 

More Languages: Indonesian, Korean, Polish and Dutch 

But we could not do it without our great translator community! We'd like to thank all our users, especially @Manveru1986, @seanchoe, and @roti, for continuing to help us with translations so that Seesmic Web is accessible in much more languages. We do have a long way to go in order to cover absolutely everything, but please enjoy these newly added translations:

  • Indonesian                 
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Dutch

If you'd like to help us out with translations, we'd always appreciate the help and welcome you to connect with Alexandra on Teamseesmic:

And this is just the beginning of the updates to come. Stay tuned, as we're focusing on making Seesmic Web your essential online channel of communication. Keep your feedback coming!

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Seesmic Web – Our Efforts to Go Global

In Seesmic Web, not only do we provide access to Twitter, Foursquare, and Google Buzz (and many more networks coming soon!) but you can also have it featured in multiple foreign languages. This is an important feature which we're extremely happy to have enabled with the help of our online friends, and looking to expand to more languages and eventually more products.

Seesmic Web Translation Process

The efforts to go international and have Seesmic Web available in more languages has taken us awhile, but now that we've found the right mixture of tools and process, the Team Seesmic community has been excited to lend a helping hand and have their most accessed Twitter app translated into Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, French or German. We sincerely hope that all their dedication and attention will mean as much to everyone else as it does to us!

If you're interested in helping with our translation efforts, come by and connect with Alexandra at TeamSeesmic:

Therefore, we kindly thank our translation team for their wonderful support: @oscar_mata@davaeron@formentera6@Manveru1986@seanchoe, @PreVaavok@roti, @romoonus, @bunguman@garridovaz and @riker77. Many thanks for the volunteers for the latest translations: @nobsato, @megoka, @elanbeat, @iamroberto, @sergei_cl, @garrido

We believe that the translation process is an important asset in Seesmic Web, making the app not only feature-rich, but also easy to understand and natively intuitive. If you want to help us out as well, not only with Seesmic Web, but with all the other apps as well, we're definitely interested in catching up. Thank you and let us know more on our Feedback Page


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Seesmic’s Presentation at Google I/O Now Available

Seesmic had the privilege of participating at Google I/O last month, where we launched our applications integrated with Google Buzz. Along with our successful Seesmic for Android application, we got a chance to showcase our other opportunities where we partnered with Google.


So far, we're pretty happy with our Google Buzz integrations with Seesmic Web,, Seesmic for Android (in beta) and our preview version of Seesmic Desktop 2, and we're pretty excited and looking forward to some of our future integrations.

Here is a video of our own Marco Kaiser presenting our Seesmic offerings in Google Buzz in the panel, "What's the hubbub about Google Buzz APIs?"

You can review the full video here, as well as the pdf. As well as catch the rest of the videos of the Google I/O sessions. Enjoy!

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Google Buzz Integrated in Seesmic Web, Desktop, Android and

Seesmic is one of the most popular social software clients that allow users to easily access your social networks in one application and successfully manage your online presence.  We’re very happy to share with you our integration of Google Buzz into four of our products. Seesmic has collaborated with Google, and you can now manage Google Buzz in Seesmic Web,, a beta version of Seesmic for Android and our preview version of the next generation of Seesmic Desktop.

Seesmic Web

In Seesmic Web, a very light and fast social web application, you can access and manage your Google Buzz network and your online presence in your browser. Easily stay in touch and be connected with your Google Buzz and other social communities in one screen from any computer. 

SeesmicWebBuzz-IO is a free social networking service that now enables you to post to Google Buzz, as well as dozens of other social networks simultaneously.  Simply search and select Google Buzz when adding a network, and safely login using the official login process for Google Buzz. Once added, you can now post freely via Seesmic, email, chat or other services you can configure.


Seesmic for Android (beta for Google I/O attendees)

In our beta version of the ever-popular Seesmic for Android (available to attendees at Google I/O who attend the Seesmic booth), you can manage your online presence with Google Buzz on a mobile platform. Add your Google Buzz account and view, search and post to your feed.  You can also add comments and likes to your stream. If you are at Google I/O, feel free to come by the booth and try out the Google Buzz features!


Seesmic Desktop – Preview Version

Finally, in our preview version of a feature-rich social client, the next generation of Seesmic Desktop combines the best features from of our ever-popular social application and expands the capabilities with a plugin architecture. Customize your online presence with Google Buzz and other available plugins to meet your needs.


We’re pretty excited with what we can do when integrating our products, and taking advantage of the power of Google Buzz, and we’re looking forward towards further integration with our other products. From web to mobile or email to chat, and thanks to the help and support of the Google Buzz team, Seesmic strives to be the gateway to all your social services on any online platform. 

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