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Seesmic For Windows Phone 7 Just Got Better

Of course we like compliments, but we could not survive without your feedback.  While our initial release of Windows Phone 7 was well-received, you had some great suggestions on how to make it even better.

Seesmic for Windows Phone
You will find the following enhancements in the Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 release, which is live today.
  • Improved user experience: We worked hard to improve the user experience with the context menus, and we hope you’ll agree that the experience is slicker than ever before
  • Saleforce Chatter: We improved the UI to make navigation more intuitive.
  • Speak a tweet: Yes, tweets read outloud to you! We are not kidding!
  • Trend integration: Check out “What The Trend“.
  • SMS Integration: Send a tweet via SMS.
  • Hyperlinks: You choose how you would like to open hyperlinks, either in-app browser or Internet Explorer.
  • Spring cleaning: Yes, we got rid of a few pesky issues in Facebook timelines and complications with Twitter logins.

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Improvements in Seesmic Windows – New RT, Adding Users to Lists, Followers, Tweetphoto and more

Seesmic Windows gets a maintenance update with some new
features such as new RT, add users to lists. We are working in parallel on a
huge release which will take a few more weeks.

gained the constant support from all our users, we have updated Seesmic Windows
with eagerly awaited for features.

Seesmic Windows 0.6 now includes:

- Ability to add new users to Twitter Lists 
- Follow / Un-follow users
- Native RT
- Block or Spam users that have undesired DM or

Ability to add new users to Twitter Lists

This is a greatly appreciated
feature in Seesmic Windows update. Simply by hovering over the user’s avatar,
you will be able to directly access Twitter lists and add other followers. The
modifications will automatically become available. 

Add to UserLists-Seesmic-Windows

Follow or Un-follow

One of the most practical and
useful functions of Seesmic Windows is the easiness of following or
un-following users. If you click on the user name, you’ll visit the selected
profile. Apart from the user’s information and updates, the profile includes the:
Follow, Un-follow and Block buttons. Of course, the profile also displays the
number of users tracking the line of tweets and recent updates. 


Native RT

Taking into consideration the fastness of spreading information, Seesmic Windows now integrates the new native RT. We have also kept the
<Quote function> for those of you that are still keen on the old style
RT. The gear wheel on a user’s avatar permits you to opt between the two. 


Block or Spam

If a user’s tweets or DM have
become an annoyance, it is possible to report it and Block or declare Spam. We
have included this option, always having the interest to maintain your
transparency and security issues unharmed.

Furthermore, we have also included the auto-correction of messages when introduced in panel box. 

You can also send Images via TweetPhoto network. 


The aspects that some of you have
so kindly pointed to us in the past have been dealt with: 

- Strange message appearing in timeline <
Unexpected character encountered while parsing value>
- The disadvantage of not being able to see all
the user’s image
- Inability to install the application
- Disadvantage of including shortened links into
the panel box
- Application failing unexpectedly
- Inability to see the correct size of the window
when maximized

We are very happy to hear your
opinions on using Seesmic Windows 0.6 and quite interested in all your feedback
and suggestions.  

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Seesmic at CES 2010

At CES, we heard how Leo Laporte uses Seesmic (Web &, displayed an optimized UI for Windows, and discovered Android's lead uses Seesmic as their default Twitter app. Exciting stuff!

As you may
know or have followed us on Twitter, Seesmic attended the Consumer
Electronic Show in Las Vegas. As one of the largest shows of the year,
with hundreds of highlights in technology, we're happy to share with
you a glimpse of our experience at CES.

Upon arriving Las Vegas, we got a chance to visit Zappos. We came along for a tour of their company with Nicolas Kardas from Microsoft and Gabe Rivera of Techmeme. It was an opportunity to take a tour of the
Zappos office, learn the history of Zappos, get an understanding of
their office culture and receive hints on how they provide exemplary leadership, community building and customer service.
During the tour, we briefly met with Tony Hsieh,
CEO of Zappos, as well as meet with some of the employees that recognized us and actively use Seesmic. Thanks to everyone at Zappos!

At the start of CES, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Loic took part in a panel discussion, "The Twitter
" which is part2010-01-12_10.39.37 of the SuperSessions series at CES. Hosted by
the Parnassus group and moderated by Steve Broback, Loic was part
of the team that included: Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer,
Kodak; Jason Preston, from The Parnassus Group, Robert Scoble, from
building43, and industry guru, Dave Taylor, (he once created how-to instructions of Seesmic).

The session went over examples of companies taking full advantage of
Twitter as a platform – from marketing opportunities to customer
service. You can review the video below.

Seesmic also took part in Showstoppers, a popular media event that serves a wide range of press – reporters, columnists, bloggers and industry
analysts – who come and review upcoming products. Showstoppers was
held at the Wynn, and Seesmic hosted a booth to go over our products,
answer questions and conduct interviews. Some of the coverage included posts by David Berkowitz, on his technology roundup including his use of Seesmic for Android.

Leo Laporte and Dr. Kirsten Sanford from broadcasted the event and got a chance to stop by the Seesmic booth and go over all the products including


We were surprised to discover how much Leo uses Seesmic and You can catch the full broadcast here: Thanks to the TWiT team for coming by!

CES, of course was not without its share of parties. There were a
ton of parties that we attended and connected with many old friends and
established new ones. One of the popular ones was the "It Won’t Stay in Vegas" party at the Atomic Museum hosted by the Parnassus group. One small highlight was the opportunity for Loic to run into Erick Tseng,
Senior Product Manager of Android at Google. He was happy to share that
Seesmic was his default Twitter app for the recently released Nexus
phone. He also share with us some feedback, so look for more
improvements on the Seesmic for Android soon!


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One Million Status Updates a Day in 2010

Seesmic has changed quite a bit in 2009. We shipped  5 Twitter apps which got more than 3.5 million downloads on Android, Blackberry, Windows, Web and OSX via Air. Hundreds of thousands of users enjoy our apps daily and more than 60,000 joined TeamSeesmic and provided us with constant feedback.

From a video social software app in early 2009, we are now one of the most popular Twitter applications on 5 screens and we will launch in 2010 a few more. It is not easy as a developer to be on every platform our users are, but we are progressing fast in delivering that vision.

We are confident we will reach one million status updates a day sent with Seesmic apps in 2010.

Updating your friends and networks through short messages, location, pictures and video is becoming huge with 40 million updates or so a day on Twitter and Facebook. We have enjoyed working with both in 2009 and thank them for their help.

Seesmic wants to be your default application to update and receive feedback from all your networks regardless of what device and social networks you are using.

We have quite a bit of work to fully deliver this, but as our users know, we launch and update our applications at a fast pace based on our growing user base feedback.

Sure, there is competition, and we actually love it as a constant motivation to bring you the best. There are very few spaces which see that much innovation these days, and the entire Seesmic team enjoys the ride daily.

We believe we have a unique position now as the only application available on all these platforms. 2010 will be very exciting as we take full advantage of our server architecture and web based apps. We will be able to fully sync all your data across platforms and follow you where you are on all your devices with a consistent interface and data. For example, you will be able to find all your settings with all your social software accounts on any Seesmic app you start, but that is just the beginning of what we have in mind.

Updating your multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profile or MySpace page has become the most important communication tool for many individuals and brands building their communities, and we are committed to continuing serving professional users with high quality tools.

We also know that most users want very simple tools, and we will have lots of news soon for the majority of social software users who want the best user experience without the complexity of power users software.

We are humbled to have awesome support from our amazing partners. Launching Seesmic for Windows on stage with Ray Ozzie at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference was a rare experience and one of the highlights of 2009. What other best way to finish the year is there than being featured by Google on the Android Market for our brand new Seesmic for Android? As it gains popularity, Seesmic web has been featured on the home page of Google Web Tool Kit and used many times as a reference app using that technology. From working with Facebook on our early desktop integration to working with Twitter on our recent work with geo-locations, all those are just examples of the many partners who have helped us and are continuing to do so daily. There are other individuals and companies who help us behind the scene and we want to thank them all.

We've been very fortunate to work with services integrated in our products, such as yfrog, TweetMeme and Mr. Tweet, making our applications powerful and useful to you as users. And finally, as we look forward to our plug-in architecture for third party services, the sky becomes our limit.

Get ready for a very busy 2010 packed with new Seesmic products and updates to our current products. We want to wish you all a happy new year with special wishes and thanks to our dedicated users and TeamSeesmic members.

Loic Le Meur, founder & CEO

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