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Behind Seesmic CRM: It Takes a Team


In the midst of Dreamforce 2011, 45,000 attendees and hundreds of booths, Seesmic CRM for Android Beta went live in the Android Market. Not just any beta, Loic demo’d Seesmic CRM for Android live on stage at the Keynote, and we spent four days demo’ing the app at the Seesmic booth. The public unveiling, however, does not represent all of the work that went on behind the scenes. We want to thank everyone who is a part of Team Seesmic – you made the launch possible.

The team, the team, the team Stephane Delbecque, Director of Mobile Products at Seesmic, lead Seesmic’s Development and QA teams to deliver both the Android beta and the upcoming iPhone and iPad Seesmic CRM applications.

The Seesmic team is made up of some of the smartest, most passionate and thoughtful people in the industry. It is impossible to be a part of this team without realizing this, so please forgive the outpour of Seesmic love here, because this team earned it. We remain grateful to Salesforce, both a great partner and investor in Seesmic. Together Seesmic and Salesforce are a force to be reckoned with – pun intended. We look forward to continuing to work together to define the future of mobile CRM.

Users Users power our roadmap. The Android beta is an open invitation to join the roadmap, and Salesforce powerusers are driving. As an agile development shop, we rely on this feedback for each release, and there are many releases to come. Our users guide both Seesmic CRM and Seesmic Social’s roadmaps. Bonus points for users like Thomas Gagne, of Xede Consulting, who downloaded the app and stopped by the booth ASAP to share his feedback. Thank you, Thomas, for letting us capture this awesomeness on camera:

Motorola  Jae Shin, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Motorola, took great care of our team throughout Dreamforce. Motorola loaned us a slew of Droid 3’s to demo Seesmic CRM and offered up a Motorola Xoom to raffle at the booth. What’s more, Joseph Avila, Enterprise Training Manager at Motorola, joined us at the Seesmic booth for the entire event. Congrats to Rajeev Iyer, Commerical Services Manager at Comcast, who is the proud new owner of a Motorla Xoom  (Psst…we threw in a Seesmic CRM tshirt, too).

The Seesmic team is made up of many players, and we thank all of you for your part in launching Seesmic CRM for Android beta. We have only just begun, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

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Thanks for an awesome Dreamforce 2011


This week was full of excitement…

We successfully launched Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on Android, that is now available for download on the Android market, and Loic showed up in a surprise keynote speech ! Loic demoed both our Android application and the upcoming Seesmic CRM for iPad app :

We also got to meet Kevin Marks, Vice President of Open Cloud Standards at, that shared with us what the value of the social mobile enterprise is:

As well as Esteban Kolsky, an Advisor at Constellation Research and Founder of ThinkJar, who shared his thoughts on implementing a mobile CRM strategy:

And last but not least, Cedric Ingrand, Associate Editor for LCI, a French television station, specialized in everything high-tech, web, and multimedia explained how internal social networks can revolutionize the enterprise. Linking social internally and externally can create complex problems but limitless possibilities (sub-titles in English are available by clicking the “CC” button):

Thanks to everyone that made Dreamforce 2011 such a hit ! See you all next year…

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The Future is the Social Mobile Enterprise

As we pointed out yesterday, Seesmic’s social “DNA” has been a founding block since its beginning, and is a key part of who we are as we move into the enterprise space. The social mobile enterprise is a notion that Seesmic is working to make a reality.

Here at Dreamforce,’s annual conference, we caught up with Tom McCleary,‘s Senior Director of Product Strategy, to ask him about his vision of the social mobile enterprise :

As well as our own Director of Mobile Products, Stéphane Debelque, who explained the vision behind Seesmic CRM :

You can watch Dreamforce live on Facebook and let us know if you download the beta version of Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on Android.

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Getting Ready to Launch Seesmic CRM at Dreamforce


Yes, tomorrow is the big day! Dreamforce,‘s annual conference begins, and Seesmic CRM for Salesforce will go live tomorrow in the Android Market.  You can bet we are busy.

With less than 18 hours until Dreamforce and even less time until our app goes live to the public, all hands are on deck. We thought we would share some photos of what we are up to right now.



We can’t forget our beloved Androids – thanks to Motorola, our devices are charged and ready to go.

If you are attending Dreamforce, please be sure to stop by Seesmic’s booth #1430 to take Seesmic CRM for a spin. If you can’t make it to Dreamforce, no problem. Just send us an email at salesforce at seesmic dot com, and we will be happy to tell you more about the newest member of the Seesmic family.


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