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Seesmic:  Build Your Community

What is Seesmic?
Seesmic is a social software application site offering Seesmic Desktop, an Adobe Air application that integrates multiple Twitter accounts and your Facebook account and Facebook pages. Seesmic also offers a browser based client for Twitter – Seesmic Web.

Seesmic originated as a short social video sharing service. As a video service aggregating your favorite web products, Seesmic’s tagline of “Join the Conversation” focused on helping users build and/or become part of an innovative video sharing community. In Seesmic’s short span, this fast-growing service was compared as “Twitter for video.”

In April of 2008, Seesmic acquired Twhirl, a desktop Twitter client with the intentions of integrating Seesmic video content with Twitter. Through progressive iterations of Twhirl, the opportunity to build communities through solely sharing video content expanded to enabling users to build their community through other social networks.

In March of 2009, Seesmic launched a scalable new product called Seesmic Desktop, which integrates both Twitter and Facebook. Seesmic Desktop has also integrated several tools and services from URL shorteners to image-sharing services. Seesmic Desktop allows you to manage several Twitter accounts, build groups (Userlists), create saved searches and utilize an anti-spam tool. This fully integrated tool, described as a “Bloomberg of Social Media”, Seesmic Desktop now allows users to help “Build Your Community,” which is currently Seesmic’s tagline.

In July of 2009, Seesmic launched the preview version of Seesmic Web, a web based version that allows you to: manage your Twitter stream in a Gmail-like interface; save your Twitter searches synchronized with your Twitter account; and hold threaded conversations in your direct messages (DM’s). Because it’s browser-based, Seesmic Web allows you to manage your community in any web platform. Seesmic is also developing an iPhone version.

“The goal is to make Seesmic the gateway to all your social services, no matter what platform you’re on at any moment. If you want to work solely from the Web, if you prefer local apps, or if you’re mobile, Le Meur wants to make sure that your community, however or wherever you’ve set it up, is there for you.” Rafe Needleman of Webware – CNET – “Seesmic CEO on the business of Twitter”

Who is behind Seesmic?
Seesmic was founded in September 2007 by serial entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur.
Formerly Executive VP Europe of SixApart and founder of several web
companies in Europe as was all the largest European web conference,
LeWeb3 (with over 2000 participants from 40 countries in 2007), Loic is
well-versed in what it takes to build a successful company that
combines online communication and social networking. Loic also served
as the Internet advisory to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and serves
as an adviser to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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Seesmic has recently closed out Series B, with total funding raised by Seesmic at $12 million.

Strategic Investors include:

Atomico Investments

Omidyar Network

Wellington Partners

  • Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis (Skype, Joost)
  • Michael Arrington – Founder, Techcrunch
  • Steve Case – Co-Founder, and former CEO and Chairman of AOL
  • Jeff Clavier – Founder, SoftTechVC
  • Ron Conway – Founding investor,Google
  • Steve Garfield – Pioneering video blogger
  • Dan Gillmor – Director of the Center for Citizen MediaReid Hoffman – Founder, LinkedIn
  • Michael Parekh – Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
  • Mark Pincus – Co-Founder and former Chairman and CEO of SupportSoft
  • Ariel Poler – Founding Chairman,LinkExchange
  • Jeff Pulver – Chairman and Founder,pulver.com
  • Martin Varsavsky – Founder, FON

Founded:    September 2007
Products:    Seesmic.com, video conversation platform and twhirl.com, top twitter client
Size:            13 full-time employees
Location:     Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Paris and Romania
Contact:      General information, info@seesmic.com  / Media Inquiries, press@seesmic.com


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