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View The Content You Care About with Google Reader in Seesmic

We're happy to have Google Reader as a plugin for Seesmic Desktop. Here's some highlights and a video of one of the more popular plugins which allows your to get your favorite news sites and blogs via RSS, directly in your Seesmic Desktop application.


Before getting our important news through social media,Google Reader was, and for some, continues to be the platform to go to for your online information. Whether you follow your closest friends blog posts, or your favorite writers covering the latest technology news, we're happy to have a Google Reader plugin that's easily be available in Seesmic Desktop.

People often weigh between the choice of using Google Reader and other social media platforms as their source for the most recent news. With posts from blogs or tech news sites having a different flow and essence in comparison to tweets or messages from your friends and colleagues, both are channels of information that are now readily available as part of your information dashboard in Seesmic Desktop.

The Google Reader integration offers:

  • Preview of the posts from your Google Reader feed, linking to the entire article 
  • Star, un-star and view a column of your starred items 
  • Add new subscriptions 
  • In-line pictures, ability to Like, Share and add Tags 

Google Reader

If you haven't downloaded Seesmic Desktop, you can do so here. To install the Google Reader plugin, just visit their section of the marketplace here


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