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Filter the Noise and Generate Leads with the InboxQ Plugin for Seesmic

There is no better way to engage with potential customers than by answering their questions, no doubt about it. Businesses on Twitter live and die by the quality and number of interactions they have with current and potential clients.

That’s where InboxQ comes into play – they make it easy to find people who have questions about your business, products or industry.


That’s why we’re pumped to announce the new Inbox plugin for Seesmic Desktop, which is now live in the plugin marketplace.

More than just a means to provide customer support, InboxQ’s method of searching Twitter for product and topic specific questions helps identify customers who are deep in the purchase cycle or conversion funnel. Using InboxQ, businesses can develop a more direct ROI strategy around Twitter than just merely measuring re-tweets and other tactics that don’t necessarily lead to customer acquisition.

If you’ve ever used InboxQ’s slick Chrome extension, then you’ll feel right at home with their new plugin. With the integration, you can:

  • Create campaigns on InboxQ based on relevant keywords
  • View your past answers
  • Add questions to a To Do list on the fly
  • Convert quality leads

Check out the plugin in action, below.

Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 5.48.28 PM

To download the special InboxQ version of Seesmic Desktop, with the plugin pre installed, click here. Oh, and be sure to check out the coverage about the integration on Mashable.

Now, there is a way to measure ROI on social…

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