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Google Buzz Integrated in Seesmic Web, Desktop, Android and Ping.fm

Seesmic is one of the most popular social software clients that allow users to easily access your social networks in one application and successfully manage your online presence.  We’re very happy to share with you our integration of Google Buzz into four of our products. Seesmic has collaborated with Google, and you can now manage Google Buzz in Seesmic Web, Ping.fm, a beta version of Seesmic for Android and our preview version of the next generation of Seesmic Desktop.

Seesmic Web

In Seesmic Web, a very light and fast social web application, you can access and manage your Google Buzz network and your online presence in your browser. Easily stay in touch and be connected with your Google Buzz and other social communities in one screen from any computer. 



Ping.fm is a free social networking service that now enables you to post to Google Buzz, as well as dozens of other social networks simultaneously.  Simply search and select Google Buzz when adding a network, and safely login using the official login process for Google Buzz. Once added, you can now post freely via Seesmic, email, chat or other services you can configure.


Seesmic for Android (beta for Google I/O attendees)

In our beta version of the ever-popular Seesmic for Android (available to attendees at Google I/O who attend the Seesmic booth), you can manage your online presence with Google Buzz on a mobile platform. Add your Google Buzz account and view, search and post to your feed.  You can also add comments and likes to your stream. If you are at Google I/O, feel free to come by the booth and try out the Google Buzz features!


Seesmic Desktop – Preview Version

Finally, in our preview version of a feature-rich social client, the next generation of Seesmic Desktop combines the best features from of our ever-popular social application and expands the capabilities with a plugin architecture. Customize your online presence with Google Buzz and other available plugins to meet your needs.


We’re pretty excited with what we can do when integrating our products, and taking advantage of the power of Google Buzz, and we’re looking forward towards further integration with our other products. From web to mobile or email to chat, and thanks to the help and support of the Google Buzz team, Seesmic strives to be the gateway to all your social services on any online platform. 

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/konstantinsimonov Konstantin Simonov

    Unfortunately very basic support for now in Android. Looking forward for release.