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Groups available on Seesmic Ping for Android and iOS

Last week, we released Groups on the web client.  Groups is the newest feature for Seesmic Ping and matches up our features with Ping.fm.

We are happy to announce today  that you are now able to use Groups with Seesmic Ping for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Here is a quick reminder of what the Group feature allows you to do:

You can create and send messages to a group of target accounts of Facebook, Facebook Pages, multiple Twitter accounts, multiple Tumblr accounts, and LinkedinView. Groups allow you to send the appropriate types of messages, links and photos to the accounts you gathered.



For Android, we also added the ability to preview and choose a thumbnail for url links for Facebook and Linkedin:

Cross posting has never been so easy!


The Seesmic Team

Posted by charlesfalanga in Android, iOS, Seesmic
  • http://cory.albrecht.name/ Cory Albrecht

    Why would i want to switch from Ping.fm to Seemic Ping when Seesmic ping is actually a reduction in functionality? It doesn’t support near as many services as Ping.fm does.

    • http://www.deusdiabolus.com deusdiabolus

       I agree with Cory.  I like being able to cross-post to more than 3 or 4 services with one click.  Please don’t get rid of Ping.fm!!!

  • http://twitter.com/daithiocaiside daithiocaiside

    Well said Cory. I’ve Ping.fm set up that way I like it & used it for years. I can’t get Seesmic ping to replicate my Ping settings (facebook pages etc)! Can I transfer my ping to seesmic?

    • Charles


      You can post on Facebook pages from Seesmic Ping. Here is a review of the services we support: http://blog.seesmic.com/ping.html#.T61j459YvSB

      Regarding the migration of your accounts, we think it’s a little bit too risky. This is why we encourage you to set up your accounts again from Seesmic Ping.

      Happy cross-posting,

      The Seesmic Team

      • http://cory.albrecht.name/ Cory Albrecht

        The “risk” is that Seesmic ping is the half-assed poor replacement for ping.fm. :-(

  • http://www.thraeryn.com Thraeryn

    You folks are almost as good at generating brand hatred as Team @boxee:twitter .

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  • Trevor Ambrose

    I love ping.fm and hopefully seesmic will take me to the next level.  This is a good article.