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Initial coverage about Seesmic Web release with contact management and threaded conversations

Awesome feedback from our first users of our new Seesmic Web and from many tech bloggers from TechCrunch, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, WebWare, NewSome, HuffingtonPost and LeCarnetTechno (apologies if I missed some)

MG Siegler in TechCrunch Seesmic Web Perfects The Management Of Twitter Followers

"Do you follow more than 100 people on Twitter? If so, have you ever tried to manage them on Twitter.com? If you want to remove some people you followed years ago, it’s a huge pain. Seesmic has just made a much better way.

The new Seesmic Web app, launching today, brings with it a new main tab: Contacts. As you can guess, this is a contact manager for Twitter that makes pruning your Twitter contacts a breeze"

Barb Dybwad in Mashable Seesmic Web App Now Does Threaded Twitter Conversations

"We had a chance to check out the new features and are especially excited about the conversational threads feature. Pictured below, the new option aggregates Twitter conversations into a pop-up chronological view of @replies that transpired during the Twitter exchange between you and user user(s). It’s a great way to pull in a cohesive view of a Twitter conversation"

Frederic Lardinois in ReadWriteWeb With New Features, Seesmic Web Blurs the Line between Web & Desktop Twitter clients

"Overall, the experience of using Seesmic Web comes very close to using a desktop client. There are a few features that are still missing in the web version (resizable columns, for example), but otherwise, Seesmic Web is a very good replacement for a desktop Twitter client.

Using a web-based client brings a number of advantages with it, including the absence of any Twitter rate limits. If you like the Seesmic interface give it a try in a site-specific browser like Fluidon the Mac or Mozilla's Prism."

Rafe Needleman in CNET News Webware New Seesmic Web out-features Seesmic Desktop

"Seesmic Web is a very attractive, highly functional, and very fluid Twitter client, even stacked up against pure downloadable apps. It's worth taking for a spin."

Kent Newsome in Newsome.Org Seesmic Web Makes Good Twitter

"I was way late to the party, but have been using and enjoying Seesmic Web for the past few weeks.  It takes the chaos and user-unfriendliness that is the native Twitter web site, and makes it darn near usable."

Bianca Bosker in Huffington Post Seesmic Web App Update Includes Threaded Conversations, Contact Manager

Bruno Guglielminetti LeCarnetTechno <Seesmic facilite l'usage de Twitter sur le Web

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