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Introducing Seesmic for iPhone

Seesmic for iPhone brings an efficient perspective to social networking on a mobile platform. An application which enables Twitter, Facebook and Ping.fm – letting you update dozens of social networks at once (including MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogger, and many more!), Seesmic for iPhone gives you the ability to see your friends timeline, your mentions and private messages, update or delete statuses, post links, upload pictures, geotag your updates and access user profiles. You can organize your accounts, searches, lists and trending topics all in a customized dashboard and navigate easily through it.

Get the app through the app store, or click here:  http://getap.ps/seesmic

Your Dashboard, Your Way.

When you first open Seesmic for iPhone, you can configure multiple pages of "spaces" and personalize the application the way you want. You can add spaces that are Accounts, Searches, Trending Topics, Lists and soon many more!

Your Dashborad, Your Way Mathieu_Ping.fm 

Accessing and Cross-Posting Multiple Accounts

Integrating Twitter, Facebook and Ping.fm, you can access all all your accounts in one app. Switch between accounts or searches by swiping the screen, and post to multiple accounts at the same time. Group your friends' recent updates, replies, messages and profiles in one single screen. Catch up on new and older tweets, easily refresh or pick up your reading on a timeline from where you left off. By selecting a specific friend, you can access the entire profile. 

Choose Accs  CrosPosting 2 

Adding your Facebook account 

Accessing Facebook is right at your fingertips. Reading your live feed, the possibility to "Like" and "Comment" on your friends' posts are available in the Seesmic for iPhone app. With Seesmic for iPhone, you can view pictures, video or links attached to stories in your feed, and add your own in the composer.

Facebook Like Comment 

Save on Evernote, Share Updates, Photos and Your Location

With Seesmic, you can save important messages and updates by storing them to Evernote. You can share updates by email and upload photos to the most popular photo upload service of your choice. You can also add your location to your updates, and see them on a map.

Send to Evernote 

Ping.fm Integration

If information and speed are your main goals, Seesmic for iPhone is the app to choose. With the Ping.fm integration, you can post messages on up to dozens of social networks.



By accessing search on the top of each timeline, you can look through all Tweets, Usernames and Trending Topics. To save a search, you can assign it to the desired account and save it as a space on your dashboard. 


Twitter Lists 

With Seesmic for iPhone, you can load and organize your dashboard to include lists from your Twitter accounts. You can view public and personal lists or access the ones that have included you.

Lists Iphone

Native and Traditional Retweets 

Whether you select the native Twitter Retweet or use the Quote feature to modify the tweet, you can choose the format of the Retweet from the application settings.


Photo, Location Sharing and URL Shortener

When composing a message, Seesmic for iPhone offers three important functions: Photo sharing, Location sharing and a URL shortener. You can share a photo from your own gallery or capture a new one directly from the app. It's easy to share a link to your current location. By clicking "Add Location", all your friends will see where you are tweeting from. You can also configure the URL shortening service by going into your Seesmic for iPhone settings and entering your bit.ly credentials.

Photo Sharing

By integrating numerous features while maintaining a user-friendly design, Seesmic for iPhone offers a meaningful and innovative exploration of your online accounts. 

Feel free to provide feedback on http://feedback.seesmic.com/forums/56746-seesmic-for-iphone.

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/jalencas Jalencas

    I think that providing the app store link would go a long way towards having people trying the app.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/chewie33 Chewie33

    Congrats Seesmic, I have been waiting for your iPhone apps for ages. Very excited to give it a spin!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/joshuaholland Joshuaholland

    I can’t find any support for the iPhone app, is there? When I try to add my ping.fm account, it hangs on ‘Logging in’…

  • http://profile.typepad.com/qarout1988 Qarout1988

    I love the app, but i’m having 2 problems:
    1. first I wasn’t able to login my ping.fm account untill i created new one!
    2. when i try to post a status update to one of my ping.fm groups, it keeps saying cannot connect to ping.fm!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/ag3ntsmith Ag3ntsmith

    So then there’s no way to remove something once it’s added?

  • http://profile.typepad.com/tapscape Tapscape

    A great app. You can find a full review of Seesmic here: http://www.tapscape.com/seesmic-iphone-app-review/