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Kevin Rose’s “Idea of the week”

[by Jeremy Vaught, Community Blogger – Seesmic]

We all have people we look up to in life, and for many of us, Kevin Rose, is way up on that list.  He helped found a number of internet businesses such as Digg.com, Kevin Rose on the cover of Business WeekPownce, and Revision3.  You also may have seen him as the co-host of Digg Nation, or on the cover of Business Week magazine.

As you can see, Kevin is always up to interesting things.  His latest unofficial project on Seesmic is no slouch.  In his video, he explains

Kevin Rose and Gary Vaynerchuk on Seesmicthat when he first came to San Francisco he used to meet with friends and discuss an idea every week, be it big or small, lame or awesome.  As most any entrepreneur will tell you, any small idea can end up being a very big idea.

Something that makes this more than just a video thread and notable here on this blog, is that Kevin doesn’t want to just do this once and walk away, he is talking about doing it every week.

Let’s talk briefly about how this thread went.  First, Kevin started off my explaining the Idea a Week origins, and then discussed his idea of a product that would know when you were gone from your home, and turn off the electricity to anything non-essential.  Plenty of other ideas flowed in, many more than I can mention here, but things like kevincupp‘s presets, and many other building on the idea of software to give you more control and automation over your energy consumption, as well as feedback on how much you are using and saving.


Check after the jump for the thread, and check back for more of Kevin’s Idea of the Week!

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  • http://johnwelsh.wordpress.com John Welsh

    Yes, I really enjoyed Kevin’s ‘cast – http://johnwelsh.wordpress.com/2008/07/28/diggs-kevin-rose-nyus-jay-rosen/ – will the buffering get quicker?

  • http://jeremyvaught.com Jeremy Vaught

    Hey John, the rendering for the embedded player has certainly gotten faster, and Johann and the tech team continue to improve it. It is on our minds (especially mine since I embed so much) and we are working on it!
    Thanks for the comment!

  • Rainbow_Mind