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New Seesmic Desktop 0.5 Now Available

We are releasing a new version of Seesmic Desktop, Version 0.5.

To update this version, please click on the link or copy & paste into your browser:


With the help of some of our TeamSeesmic users, here are the features that are included in this version:

Inline Autocomplete
you type out usernames with replies (@’s) or direct messages (d ‘s),
Seesmic Desktop will list out potential usernames based on your history
of sending messages to your friends and followers. With this convenient
and easy to use function, Seesmic Desktop will help you with the
correct username and avoid sending messages to the wrong person.

Home Timeline Configuration
We’ve added a
new setting in the configuration panel to be able to include or exclude
replies, private messages and search results. Be able to manage your
stream in one column.


Minimize Seesmic Desktop to the System Tray (Windows Only).
on popular demand by Windows users, you can now minimize Seesmic
Desktop to the system tray by clicking on the minimize button or
clicking on Seesmic Desktop on the task bar. You can easily bring
Seesmic Desktop back simply by clicking on the system tray icon. This
is a setting that you can configure in the General tab of the
Configuration Panel.

Restore Seesmic Desktop When Clicking on the Notification Window
you click on a notification alert, Seesmic Desktop will be restored
(even from hiding) and be brought out to the front so you can
immediately respond to your messages.

Continued UI modifications, enhancements and fixes include:
•    Ensure that spam reports are not sent to your Facebook Account.
•    Enhancements to the Lookup feature – adjustments for spaces and @’s
•    Cursor enhancements to the Search feature
•    Corrections to embedded images in messages
•    Action buttons appear in column header on column mouse-over
•    Enhancements to the Check Update button if no update is available

would like to thank some of our TeamSeesmic users that helped test and
provided feedback on some of the features to ensure that our updates
were in place.  (If you are interested, you are welcome to join
TeamSeesmic: http://www.teamseesmic.com/ )

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/ppmartin ppmartin

    Excellent release with tons of improvement. Thanks a lot, Seesmic Desktop team ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/adleras adleras

    this is great guys. thanks

  • http://mimundoazul.net/blog Spideymang

    This very impressive, thanx Seesmic team and continue working. This software is awsome

  • http://presentabilitywithdfg.wordpress.com/ Denis François Gravel

    Minimize Seesmic Desktop to the System Tray & Inline Autocomplete. You make me happy! I was waiting for those two features. Thanks.

  • http://www.webqualite.net Webqualite

    Super work. Thank you for this new version. I appreciate.

  • http://www.twitter.com/adleras adleras

    hey guys… you should also include the twit message in notification alerts, like it is in twhirl (I got from twhirl to TweetDeck and I was complaining there’s no TwhirlDeck outhere…then I found Seesmic and got very happy). Now that you also included minimize to tray… the only thing I miss is the actual twit message in the notification window (like on twhirl or yahoo messenger).
    Also other features:
    – the notification alert should remain open when the mouse is over it…so if I want to read the message shown in the notification alert …it wont dissapear before i finnish it (maybe sometimes I want to raed the complete message..I dont want to set the notification alert to be on for more seconds..because many other twits are not so interesting..but if I see an inteersting one…it would be nice that the window would remain opened untill I release it).
    – you should include the features from this websites:
    It would be a lot more complex…aplication..than others.
    There would be lots of other stuff to say…but I am not sure if theres anybody who would actually listen to me…so… I just hope what I said will be read…and discused.

  • Dominic Ross

    Glad to see this is still being developed, but I’m a little disappointed that you can’t minimise the program to the menu bar on a Mac. Great feature for Win users, but not for Macs… Every time I want to open it, I have click on the menu and open either the facebook or twitter link. It should just reappear from clicking on the icon!

  • TM

    @Dominic Ross
    I might not understand what you’re trying to do but if you minimise using the yellow “-” minus button in the top left, the app shrinks to the right hand side of the dock, as a separate icon to the application icon and will reappear if you click on this icon.
    Personally, I like to hide apps I’m not using using ⌘+H (takes up less space than having them on the dock, and I tend to use the keys more than mouse) then it will pop back to full screen if you either click the application icon or select it using ⌘+TAB.
    These actions are the same for nearly every pices of Mac software.

  • Hendrik

    Minimize Seesmic Desktop to the System Tray (Windows Only).
    Windows XP SP3 -> It doesn’t work