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One Million Status Updates a Day in 2010

Seesmic has changed quite a bit in 2009. We shipped  5 Twitter apps which got more than 3.5 million downloads on Android, Blackberry, Windows, Web and OSX via Air. Hundreds of thousands of users enjoy our apps daily and more than 60,000 joined TeamSeesmic and provided us with constant feedback.

From a video social software app in early 2009, we are now one of the most popular Twitter applications on 5 screens and we will launch in 2010 a few more. It is not easy as a developer to be on every platform our users are, but we are progressing fast in delivering that vision.

We are confident we will reach one million status updates a day sent with Seesmic apps in 2010.

Updating your friends and networks through short messages, location, pictures and video is becoming huge with 40 million updates or so a day on Twitter and Facebook. We have enjoyed working with both in 2009 and thank them for their help.

Seesmic wants to be your default application to update and receive feedback from all your networks regardless of what device and social networks you are using.

We have quite a bit of work to fully deliver this, but as our users know, we launch and update our applications at a fast pace based on our growing user base feedback.

Sure, there is competition, and we actually love it as a constant motivation to bring you the best. There are very few spaces which see that much innovation these days, and the entire Seesmic team enjoys the ride daily.

We believe we have a unique position now as the only application available on all these platforms. 2010 will be very exciting as we take full advantage of our server architecture and web based apps. We will be able to fully sync all your data across platforms and follow you where you are on all your devices with a consistent interface and data. For example, you will be able to find all your settings with all your social software accounts on any Seesmic app you start, but that is just the beginning of what we have in mind.

Updating your multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profile or MySpace page has become the most important communication tool for many individuals and brands building their communities, and we are committed to continuing serving professional users with high quality tools.

We also know that most users want very simple tools, and we will have lots of news soon for the majority of social software users who want the best user experience without the complexity of power users software.

We are humbled to have awesome support from our amazing partners. Launching Seesmic for Windows on stage with Ray Ozzie at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference was a rare experience and one of the highlights of 2009. What other best way to finish the year is there than being featured by Google on the Android Market for our brand new Seesmic for Android? As it gains popularity, Seesmic web has been featured on the home page of Google Web Tool Kit and used many times as a reference app using that technology. From working with Facebook on our early desktop integration to working with Twitter on our recent work with geo-locations, all those are just examples of the many partners who have helped us and are continuing to do so daily. There are other individuals and companies who help us behind the scene and we want to thank them all.

We've been very fortunate to work with services integrated in our products, such as yfrog, TweetMeme and Mr. Tweet, making our applications powerful and useful to you as users. And finally, as we look forward to our plug-in architecture for third party services, the sky becomes our limit.

Get ready for a very busy 2010 packed with new Seesmic products and updates to our current products. We want to wish you all a happy new year with special wishes and thanks to our dedicated users and TeamSeesmic members.

Loic Le Meur, founder & CEO

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/robocallaghan Robocallaghan

    Happy New Year Loic

  • http://profile.typepad.com/fredwilson Fred

    loic – i just started using seesmic on android and i like it.
    being on the most platforms is good and i like that strategy.
    but being on the most APIs is even better. i like socialscope a bit better than seesmic on my bberry because i can manage facebook, twitter, and foursquare on it.
    so getting foursquare support is important.
    another emerging service i’d love to see on seesmic is blippy

  • http://profile.typepad.com/loiclemeur Loïc Le Meur

    thank you Rob.
    Fred, glad to hear you like our Android app and you are absolutely right for supporting more social networks, that is the plan. I love Foursquare and will play with blippy.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/arjunram Arjunram

    Big fan of how you have been able to morph yourself successfully through 2009! Kudos to you and your team.
    But most importantly a thousand twitter’s will be blooming soon on statusnet & OMB. Which would mean that connecting to them would be important. Can you imagine a blogging client just for wordpress or type now? Pls add support for statusnet & OMB.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/holybladder1 Holybladder

    Hi guys. Just switched from Tweetdeck to Seesmic for the lovely merged columns (God bless you for the merged columns) but what’s the word on skins? Your powder blue app looks kinda mental on my dark theme :) Otherwise fantastic work and a happy new year!