Link picture preview feature available on Seesmic Ping for iPhone

Dear Seesmic Ping users,

We just released a new version of Seesmic Ping for iPhone. Seesmic Ping now allows you to preview thumbnail images of links and highlight them when sharing links to Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Simply share a link (you can use the Seesmic Ping bookmarklet, or paste a link to attach) and Seesmic Ping will search for available images associated with the link. 

Link picture preview on Seesmic Ping for iPhone


Seesmic Ping has also improved on the UI design to access the menu.

Happy cross-posting!

The Seesmic Team

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Seesmic Ping for Windows 7 highlighted by Intel

Dear Seesmic Ping users & Windows lovers,

We’re happy to announce that our Seesmic Ping app is showcased in the Intel AppUp blog.


After a constant growth in the number of users since we launched our desktop app, Seesmic Ping for Windows continues to be an app that makes sharing easy. Give it a try!

Don’t hesitate to try our other Seesmic Ping products. And please continue to give us your feedback.

Team Seesmic

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Seesmic Pro for Android Featured on Google Play Store

We’re pleasantly surprised to see Seesmic Pro featured on the Google Play Store.


You can review the features from our recent update on our previous blogpost.

Feel free to try out Seesmic for Android and to upgrade to Seesmic Pro! And please suggest any feedback here:

Thanks for all your support. We wish you a great weekend!

Team Seesmic

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News for Seesmic Social for Android

Dear Seesmic users,

We are making sure that we respond to your feedback updating the Seesmic for Android app as fast as we can. This release contains a number of valuable updates, and modifies the way ads are displayed.

Updates for both Twitter and Facebook:

  • Photos are enlarged in tweet/post details (Twitter/Instagram/Twitpic/yFrog)
  • You can now configure to hide/show avatars
  • You can now configure to show in absolute time
  • Ads are repositioned to improve the user experience, including placing ads on the bottom and removing ads from the Twitter mentions timeline


Updates for Twitter:

  • You can view a favorite/star icon in timeline
  • You can now view if “the user does (or does not) follow you” in Profile Details
  • #Hashtags are now included when replying

Updates for Facebook: You are now able to see who liked a post.

Updates to the Widget: You can now disable/enable auto scrolling in the widget.

Obviously these updates are live on the Seesmic Pro application as well (except for the ads).

Please continue to give us your feedback!

The Seesmic Team

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Dear users,

As you might have heard, we are about to close We’ve built its successor, Seesmic Ping, which is more reliable, stable and robust, providing more features and focusing on the most popular services. Here’s what’s currently featured in Seesmic Ping:

  • Post from iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Post via email
  • Post and schedule to multiple Twitter, Facebook (Pages & Profiles) and LinkedIn accounts (we’ve just added Tumblr)
  • Quickly and easily schedule posts to be sent at a future date and time
  • Create groups to send a combination of services.
  • Share multiple kinds of content: share links as attachments for Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr; share photos or images (post pictures on Facebook and Twitter as if you were posting them “natively”)
  • View thumbnails of your images to ensure you know exactly what you are sharing
  • Preview and select thumbnails for attached links
  • View the history of your recent posts
  • View, edit or delete your scheduled posts
  • Bookmarklet for easy posting

And here are some features that you will be able to use on your Windows desktop:

  • Click and drag images onto the composer (you can also do a right click on the image file and “Share with Seesmic Ping”)
  • Click and drag links onto the composer
  • Spell check support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Bookmarklet: automatically attach links with a single button
  • Minimize to System Tray: closing the app will minimize to the System Tray for easy access. Ctrl + Shift + P activates and brings the app to the front

New features coming:

  • Post via RSS
  • Customize group targets for email posting and RSS
  • Metrics
  • And more…

When will no longer be supported?

We will close down by mid-June. We’ve been working hard to get Seesmic Ping on par with the service you are used to.  So from the get-go you should enjoy a great experience when switching to Seesmic Ping, and it will only get better from there. So right now, we encourage you to get your Seesmic Profile and try Seesmic Ping through our mobile, desktop or web applications.  If you want to do it directly from your account, just log in: we’ve just put in place a special wizard that will smoothly take you through the process.


There will be three plans for Seesmic Ping: a free plan, so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy it, a $4.99/month plan for the ones who want to get more, and a $49.99 for the ones who just want it all.  We will start charging for the service after the beta period, and more details will be provided by the time we officially launch in June.

API developers

As part of our service, we have a Seesmic Ping API available in private beta.  If you want to learn more about it, please contact We will provide more details on our plans (features, pricing, etc.) for the Seesmic Ping API soon.

We hope that we’ll make the community happy with the new service we’ve been working on. If you have any question or comment, feel free to contact us:

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy Seesmic Ping.

All the best,

The Seesmic Team

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