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Ping.fm and Seesmic Ping

Dear Ping.fm users,

As you might have heard, we are about to close Ping.fm. We’ve built its successor, Seesmic Ping, which is more reliable, stable and robust, providing more features and focusing on the most popular services. Here’s what’s currently featured in Seesmic Ping:

  • Post from iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Post via email
  • Post and schedule to multiple Twitter, Facebook (Pages & Profiles) and LinkedIn accounts (we’ve just added Tumblr)
  • Quickly and easily schedule posts to be sent at a future date and time
  • Create groups to send a combination of services.
  • Share multiple kinds of content: share links as attachments for Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr; share photos or images (post pictures on Facebook and Twitter as if you were posting them “natively”)
  • View thumbnails of your images to ensure you know exactly what you are sharing
  • Preview and select thumbnails for attached links
  • View the history of your recent posts
  • View, edit or delete your scheduled posts
  • Bookmarklet for easy posting

And here are some features that you will be able to use on your Windows desktop:

  • Click and drag images onto the composer (you can also do a right click on the image file and “Share with Seesmic Ping”)
  • Click and drag links onto the composer
  • Spell check support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Bookmarklet: automatically attach links with a single button
  • Minimize to System Tray: closing the app will minimize to the System Tray for easy access. Ctrl + Shift + P activates and brings the app to the front

New features coming:

  • Post via RSS
  • Customize group targets for email posting and RSS
  • Metrics
  • And more…

When will Ping.fm no longer be supported?

We will close down Ping.fm by mid-June. We’ve been working hard to get Seesmic Ping on par with the Ping.fm service you are used to.  So from the get-go you should enjoy a great experience when switching to Seesmic Ping, and it will only get better from there. So right now, we encourage you to get your Seesmic Profile and try Seesmic Ping through our mobile, desktop or web applications.  If you want to do it directly from your Ping.fm account, just log in: we’ve just put in place a special Ping.fm wizard that will smoothly take you through the process.


There will be three plans for Seesmic Ping: a free plan, so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy it, a $4.99/month plan for the ones who want to get more, and a $49.99 for the ones who just want it all.  We will start charging for the service after the beta period, and more details will be provided by the time we officially launch in June.

API developers

As part of our service, we have a Seesmic Ping API available in private beta.  If you want to learn more about it, please contact SeesmicPingAPI@seesmic.com. We will provide more details on our plans (features, pricing, etc.) for the Seesmic Ping API soon.

We hope that we’ll make the Ping.fm community happy with the new service we’ve been working on. If you have any question or comment, feel free to contact us: pingfm@seesmic.com

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy Seesmic Ping.

All the best,

The Seesmic Team

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  • Anonymous

    And what will be the benefits included with every plan (or not included)?

  • Anonymous

    Another question. How this will affect the current Seesmic web?

    • Seesmic

      Seesmic Ping and Seesmic Web are two different products.
      We are focusing on Seesmic Ping and Seesmic Social for Android. We don’t support Seesmic Web anymore.Team Seesmic

      • Anonymous

        But Is Seesmic Ping available in a web version? Or, Is it available in a desktop version for a non-Windows non-Mac operating system (aka Linux)?

        Also, you didn’t answer the question about the price. I understand there are things you are working on, but understand customers that there is a VERY HUGE difference between US$ 4.99 and US$ 49.99 (in fact, ten times…)

      • http://angrykeyboarder.com/ angrykeyboarder

        WTF have y’all been smoking anyway?

  • One Heart Music Services

    And how can it be on par with Ping if you are only offering 4 social networks (as opposed to Ping’s MANY)?

    • Seesmic

      We are prioritizing the services we are offering based on how much our users post on them. Going forward, we will respond to our users demands regarding new networks.
      Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.

      Seesmic Team

      • One Heart Music Services

         As a travelling musician, I use Ping to post to ALL the social networks I am on at once via text.

        What incentive, if any, is there to use this “replacement” if the only services on offer (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are all able to link to each other anyway?

        This was my sole reason for using Ping, and unless Seesmic offers the same, I’ll take my service (and money) elsewhere


        One Heart Music Services

        • Alex Pegg

          I am in complete agreement. Hoot Suite is calling…

        • Marc Danyell

          I am in complete agreement as well.  Looks like i will be trying out hoot suite as well. 

          • http://angrykeyboarder.com/ angrykeyboarder

            Does Hoot Suite work with identi.ca?

        • http://www.themoxiemomblog.com/ WendyMerritt

          I’m in the same boat with you. I am the agent for several bands. We will be moving all our social networking to Hootsuite if this is the path that Seesmic continues taking.

      • http://angrykeyboarder.com/ angrykeyboarder

        So basically you’re telling those of us who use “less popular” services to shove it?

        Oh, you may add them again later, but in the meantime we’re screwed?

        Up yours!

      • whisper74

        We are prioritizing the services we are offering based on how much our users post on them.”  Count me among the folks that would’ve wanted to post to Google+.  We never have had the choice to post there.  Therefore, your statement suggests that we never will.  I fail to understand how you will prioritize based on where people post if people are unable to post to some services to begin with.  I will upgrade, check it out for a little bit, and will probably leave. Regrettable, because this was fun while it lasted.

      • Poobum

        Seesminge fucken sucks balls

      • Poobum

        NOW im guna go over to Onlywire and use them
        then im going to use Tribepro to syndicate my Article Links…
        I would of Paid heaps for Ping.fm and I got fucken shit loads of money to spend on great services that benefit my business like ping.fm USED to …

        Dumb bunch of fuckin MUPPITS

        I wish I knew where your office’s are so I can drive there in the middle of the Night and TAKE a Huge Epic shit on your front Door step just to say thankyou for ruining something that could of made you way more money and made wayyy more people happy..

        Should be called SMALLS-MIC

        from a pissed of internet marketing Millionaire

        King fucken Cong :)

  • http://about.me/joaoalmeida t3mujin

    How about identi.ca???!!

    • Alex Pegg

      And AIM and My Space as well as all of the other networks Ping.fm supported.

  • http://twitter.com/halden2714 halden = 耗子

    So simply put we’re about to be charged for less. Gotta LUV that.

    • http://jcsesecuneta.com/ JC Sese-Cuneta (謝施洗)


      Or putting it another way… we’re getting a downgrade.  From a featured-filled Ping.fm to a free_less-featured Seesmic Ping.

      Sad day indeed.

      But I’ll give them time. For Seesmic Ping to be better than Ping.fm, the free ‘package’ should get the features of Ping.fm _plus_ extras (it’s ‘better’ right?)

      So we’ll see, we’ll see.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ricky.catto Ricky Catto

    not cool at all. big downgrade

  • http://portenkirchner.net/ Georg Portenkirchner

    Sad to see Ping.fm going the Digg way!

  • John S.

    Horrible decision. What disservice. We already have a hootsuite why do we need another one? Clearly you guys did research this move very well. Lots of unhappy people.

  • http://crocodilemarketing.com/ David McMahon

    It is shame to see the tool disappear. 

    And what you are offer for $4.99 does not interested me. 

    I would like you to keep the ping.fm as it is and charge $4.99 for new functions.  That would help me. 

    Does anyone else feel the same?

    • Ceramictec

       the new Seemic ping is garbage!

      I have many networks added and cant do that with the new one!
      why cant people leave good alone?

      • Rich

         Doesn’t this strike you as something that Dibert’s boss would come up with? At least, among these comments, I’ve found some alternatives among these comments now that Seemic seems to be tearing the heart out of Ping.

    • http://myqotd.com/ Faydra Deon

      Yes, David. I’d pay $4.99 to keep Ping.fm as is, too.

      • Managedforex

        Not me when hellotxt.com is FREE !

        Forget Ping & Seemic !

    • http://DavidBestOnline.com/ David Best

      Yes, as I mentioned in my post, I’d be willing to pay for ping.fm – it was a valuable tool.

  • Watchingfrogsboil

    Unless I can ping all the social networks under Seismic that I could under Ping, when Ping goes I go…

    • Alex Pegg

      Me too.

    • http://twitter.com/halden2714 halden = 耗子

      I’d second that.

  • http://twitter.com/uttamawong Uttamawong

    This’ so wonderful and very helpful  blog

  • Fred

    I tried Seesmic and it can’t do as much. And what is with being able to post a picture OR a link…but NOT both? Huh?

  • Alex Pegg

    Can someone tell me which Seesmic Ping app im supposed to be now using on iOS? – I have a green coloured one and a red one with a racoons face on it. #Confused. Thanks.

  • Hans Kolpak

    I use ping.fm from a drupal 6 module only. I am missing a drupal 7 version.

  • J. Simon van der Walt

    This is a shame, but… goodbye. You had just the service I needed, a simple way to crosspost to a couple of different networks, without useless bells & whistles. Now not only am I forced to have the bells and whistles, but I have to pay for them. Off to find another solution…

  • David Nguyen

    I hope the rest of the services will be available. I ping to Friendfeed, Blogger, MySpace and WordPress too.

  • Adam M

    You guys are missing the boat on this by cutting off all those networks and only leaving FB, Twitter & LinkedIn. Why not just port all those networks over….then give free accounts with any 2 or 3 networks, and charge $5/mo for all the networks. This is were the value is. With only a few networks, you’ll be stomped by HootSuite and SproutSocial in no time. Keep it simple, but have a farther reach than the other services.

  • http://admiralmemo.livejournal.com/ AdmiralMemo

    This is a ridiculous downgrade for absolutely no reason! When Ping is gone, so am I! You’ve dropped most of your networks, and I see no ability to add locations on the new service! This is a complete Charlie Foxtrot to your users!

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  • Model A

    Dear Seesmic, You have RUINED Ping.FM.  You must have learned how to run your business from MYSPACE

  • One Heart Music Services

     So a question: Who is the new Seesmic for?

    Only it seems to me, just be reading below (as well as PURE COMMON SENSE), that it’s not for the public, the business users, anyone who finds a service useful – screw it. . . anyone who uses the internet would find this useless!

    Who EXACTLY is Sessmic for?

    • One Heart Music Services

       And you know the best bit?

      They’ll be patting themselves on the back, saying “never mind about the one’s who go. It’s just cause they don’t wanna pay”

      I’d pay 5 times what you’re asking to have a service like Ping once again!

  • http://about.me/joaoalmeida t3mujin

    How about adding groups to the Windows version?

  • http://www.internetfitnessincome.com/ Allen Hill

    I agree… Seesmic Ping SUCKS.  Keep Ping.fm going.

    Are you even listening to your customers?  Or just doing what you want regardless (even if it kills your business)?

    Just sayin’…

    • http://angrykeyboarder.com/ angrykeyboarder

      They don’t give a rats ass about us.

  • http://about.me/markedwards MarkEdwards

    Enlighten me.  

    What are you offering, even as a free service, that I can’t get from HootSuite?  The beauty of Ping.fm was that it posted EVERYWHERE.  Now it’s just going to post to a few services.  

    Seriously, why is this a better thing for users?  This is almost what Facebook did when they let Friendfeed stagnate into an abandoned gas station along a country road without support or any attention paid to it.  

    I’d love an honest response as to how you’re not going to “Friendfeed” ping.fm, because that’s what many of us see happening.   Very disappointing.  

    • http://angrykeyboarder.com/ angrykeyboarder


  • http://twitter.com/BullBearTrading BullBear Trading

    Doesn’t post to a fraction of the services of Ping.fm!  You’re going to lose ALL of your user base.  Pixelpipe is much better.

    • http://angrykeyboarder.com/ angrykeyboarder

      I never heard of Pixelpipe. I’ll have to take a look at it.

  • http://twitter.com/BullBearTrading BullBear Trading

    And how about a seamless migration!  Now I have to set up my accounts all over again!

    • Rmgraynd

      heheh…I agree!  If you’re going to screw the end users, at least give them a kiss first by allowing a more automated profile and accounts migration.

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.w.clark Chris W. Clark

      But the “good news” is … you only need to set up 4 accounts!  LOL

  • http://twitter.com/mikichan2050 Amber Nikki Lawrence

    ping.fm has been a life saver and now it is all going to hell with paid services I would RATHER SEE ADS OVER PAYWALL this is soo fracked that Loic should be ashamed This is Terrible Down with Loic’s SEESMIC!!!!

  • Foo

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Sad to see my ping.fm account go. This Seesmic shit is no replacement at all. Oh well, I’ll just use your competitors.

  • http://www.stonesmusic.co.uk/ Williamwyman

    What a strange thing to do to a business that works very well. If you want to make money then charge for the original ping.fm service and call it whatever you want (seesmic would do). If you want to trash your business carry on with what you are doing…..

  • http://angrykeyboarder.com/ angrykeyboarder

    You’re reducing the number of services I can post to and this is an improvement? WTF???

  • Mwchuang

     Only 4 social networks (as opposed to Ping’s MANY) is inconvenient and hope you can reserve pingfm’s  many networks for us when changing to seesmic ?

  • http://twitter.com/danboarder danboarder

    I use Anypost on android and twhirl on OSX, both use Ping.fm API to post images, links, and location at once. Will this change break these 3rd party apps? Why not ask your loyal users what they would be willing to pay for before introducing a downgrade? If you add Google Plus to Ping.fm it would rock and I would pay.

  • http://twitter.com/danboarder danboarder

    Wow. Great example of how not to aquire a popular product. When your loyal customers don’t like where you’re taking one of their favorite products, you’re doing it wrong. Ping.fm & API works great – build on it and charge for new networks or something but why kill it?

    Note that I do like the new scheduling and other features, but why not add those to ping.fm and keep all the network options??

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com Clipping Path

    It is a bad news for us. And only 3 networking sites are connected? So much disappointing.

  • Lisa

    Wow. I agree with the other commenters – you have KILLED Ping.fm. I have NO reason to keep using Seesmic. Say “Hello” to Hellotxt.com.

  • Vegasvicky69

    First Twitter ruins TweetDeck, Now these idiots kill their best product.  One people would be willing to pay for, they stop and put their ‘resources” into something nobody wants. 

    Is this what they teach now in business school??  

  • Scott

    What are you going to do with the ping.fm domain, IT, and etc?  Would the system/site be up for sale,or just stay as a lead gen portal for Seesmic?

    • http://blog.seesmic.com Seesmic

      Hi Scott –  We will be keeping the ping.fm domain.

  • Anonymous

    I was on this thing for nearly an hour thinking I’d done something wrong, only to realize you only get to send to a few social networking sites. Who thought of this??? It’s genius. Take away 98% of a site’s usefulness and then charge me on top of it. Didn’t these people learn anything from Netflix? Anyone know of good ping.fm alternatives?

  • Mailshaq

    i understand that u guys r trying to milk the cow dry by charging the users for the services.

    but let me assure u that this will be an epic fail!

    u guys may expect about 5~7% of folks paying for this kind of consolidated ‘post-to-all’ social platforms but that will be pretty much about it.

    i urge u to reconsider going the commercial way.

    u might be burning ur money via the acquisition n merger etc. but u r about to burn the product by doing what u r planning.

  • Anonymous

    What? I think this was a bad move.

  • Laura_70387

    This is all new to me. I am interested in the free service. How can I be sure that’s what I’m getting?

  • HS_2012

    Fucking Seesmic no Plurk and Blogger service, but Ping.fm have!

  • http://www.apnasapna.com/ Apna Sapna

    Ping.fm supported by many social networking websites, but Seesmic Ping supports 4 only. We hope Seesmic Ping to offer more in future.

  • Anonymous

    ack. looks like i’ll be losing the ability to post to my own website…i’ll have to rewrite this before mid june…been needing to rewrite the site in RoR anyway, so i guess whatever, but wow, so far seesmic ping is far from delightful, the way ping.fm was.

  • Anonymous

    I can appreciate someone trying to develop a revenue model. But less features for pay is a losing proposition. I’m checking out hellotxt and pixelpipe but will miss ping.fm when it’s unplugged. Having a premium version of ping.fm would have been a much better approach….

  • http://www.themoxiemomblog.com/ WendyMerritt

    Epic fail. 

    I hope you all can recover from what sounds like a really ignorant business decision. Why don’t you just create some tiered pricing modules for Ping.fm and leave it alone? It makes no sense to charge me for less. I refuse to do this (as do many others as you can read from ALL of the comments to this post (excluding your staff)). If this is the path you choose I, and others, will be moving everything over to our already existing Hootsuite accounts, which does more than what you’re offering us now with Seesmic Ping.Come on now…

  • David Best

    In your May 14 post, you state: We will provide more details on our plans (features, pricing, etc.) for the Seesmic Ping API soon.”  It is now a week later, has there been a post somewhere with more details on the different plans/features?

  • http://twitter.com/whisper74 leonel

    Still waiting to see a follow-up post on what the different pricing levels offer. In the end, no matter because this site’s usefulness seems to be going the way of the dodo. Regrettable that the @SeesmicBlog:disqus folks are being unusually quiet, with apparently no desire to woo those of us who not satisfied with the change.

    Talk about not managing customer expectations. Yes, there’s that whole “you can’t please everybody” concept, but come on, folks!!  Although it is far easier and quicker for people to be negative (human nature) I find it humorous that people are not taking time to show their support of this change.  Perhaps these supporters are only posting on The FTLT Four.

  • Kairos Internet
  • DF

    Where’s the Delicious support?  fergusond@cofc.edu

  • Eylulforumdas


  • Eylulforumdas


  • Deecko Gonda

    sad to see Ping.fm go, along with most of its users. ought to find a nu alternative, though it cannot match Ping, im sure they’re a lot more better than seesmic has to offer! 

  • Berry Aerotel

    What a crap!!!! Only 4 networks….!!! I think it’s faster to post with Firefox social share browser. Am definitely moving to Onlywire. 

  • http://www.profilactic.com/profile/egoiste egoiste

    no bit.ly support either. I’ma try hellotxt myself.

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  • Lauriepeharborsh

    so no more application keys to post through Hootsuite I take it ?

  • http://twitter.com/danboarder danboarder

    Where is my ping history on the Seesmic Ping page?  Seems like a lot less features (downgrade).  :-/

    Further, this ‘upgrade’ seems to have broken legacy APIs etc … not smooth. My twhirl client on OSX is not updating my facebook as of today.

  • SandraNoble

    All of a sudden, I can no longer login to ping.fm. Had also created a seesmic account, but can’t get into that either..

    But when I was in seesmic, there were very limited sites to post to. Contrary to what was written above, there was NO way to post to facebook pages (which has stopped working in ping.fm).

    • Managedforex
    • http://twitter.com/halden2714 halden = 耗子

      Can’t login as well. WTH Seesmic…?

  • Managedforex

    I have already switched to a FREE service called http://hellotxt.com/

    its even better then Ping.fm was !

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth I liked this blog post and what appeared in my FB was a Viagra?? what the hell?? can you fix that??

  • http://www.waylanbolin.com Waylan B.

    Not feeling it…

  • behrouz behrouzkia

     Vzyba ugly human being must first be good no matter…behrouz



  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.w.clark Chris W. Clark

    The article above says PING.FM will not be shut down until mid June, but today (May 25) it says my account does not exist. So, I set up a SEESMIC PING account, and there are ONLY 4 networks, which does not include Blogger, so this “new” “improved” paid service is useless to me.

  • J Ross

    I’ve been using Ping for a couple years and would gladly pay for the service.  Please don’t take it away.  PLEASE!!!!!  For those of us who need the flexibility, this is the worst news possible.  PLEASE!!!!!  Reconsider … PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • J Ross

       And, just so you understand, this makes much more work for me (and the others who have come to depend on Ping).  I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with this decision.  I can’t believe your corporate board sees this as a good move — you’re losing your faithful customers who would gladly pay you for this service.  Again, PLEASE!!!! Reconsider … PLEASE!!!!!!!

      • Managedforex

        Don’t cry about this. Just go use another service that offers more for less.
        Try the FREE service that hellotxt.com offers.
        It is way better then ping was.

    • http://DavidBestOnline.com/ David Best

      I am another long time user of ping.fm and also would be willing to pay for the service had this option been presented. What about making the new seesmic ping a free service and ping.fm a premium?

  • http://twitter.com/emv Enrique Medina

    I’d pay a monthly fee to keep ping.fmBut for the actual seesmic ping, no. When you have the same number of networksping.fm, we talked again. 

    A great mistake of your company.

  • http://myqotd.com/ Faydra Deon

    I’m totally unhappy with this change, and I won’t bother to use the service once Ping.fm goes down for good. This was a horrible, horrible decision for users. Yuck and yuck.

  • http://www.theadvantech.com/ Website Application

    Its Not Good :(

  • http://cory.albrecht.name/ Cory Albrecht

    I’m yet another long time ping.fm user and you can add my dissatisfaction to the way Seesmic is trying to spin gutting Ping.fm as an upgrade that we should all be jumping for joy about. Guess who has two thumbs and will be moving elsewhere?

  • http://taglife.twbbs.org taglife

     The Ping.fm tragedy …

    Social Networking Services is all nothing …

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647785863 Dustin Park

    This is bullshit. Why offer a great product, then decide to replace it with a shitty product? Sesmic Ping doesn’t offer half the features that ping did. I will NOT be using it unless it supports as much as Ping did. In fact, i will go out of my way to advertise any and all competitors to anyone I know.

  • Aryabod Siharyvani

    i was checking the new service but i notice is not including the wole services we used to have at Ping.fm

  • http://blog.seesmic.com Seesmic

    Dear Ping.fm users,

    Thanks for you support and your candor. We appreciate your feedback.

    Our main goal with Seesmic Ping is to offer a better service than Ping.fm, and we will. For this reason, we are actually pretty happy to see that you love Ping.fm so much.
    Indeed, we are working on both responding to our users’ needs and innovating in order to improve your posting experience. Ping.fm was sometimes unreliable – this is why we decided to rebuild its foundations and to launch Seesmic Ping, a simple and reliable tool for safe posting.

    True, for now, we support fewer services than Ping.fm did. But this is a start: we will include additional popular services going forward. Plus, besides additional services, we are working on enhancing the user experience by new features, mobile applications and offering a more reliable, stable and robust service. This is where we are going. We are laying out the foundation, and we want it to be strong.

    Regarding Google+, it’s definitely on our radar, and are waiting for G+ API to be available (for now, Google only made the G+ Pages API available).

    Please don’t hesitate to continue giving us your feedback: http://feedback.seesmic.com/forums/162042-seesmic-ping-service-web-


    The Seesmic Team