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Rue89 hosts Dennis Hopper on Seesmic

[by Jeremy Vaught, Blogger – Seesmic]

The innovative French media site Rue89.com have hosted legendary actor Dennis Hopper using Seesmic.

Not too long ago, Rue89 added Seesmic comments to their blog.  Now they are branching out to add their own content to Seesmic. Dennis Hopper on rue90.comWith a preplanned conversation, taking questions from their readers online ahead of time, and taking questions from Seesmic while Dennis was on, they translated from French to English for Dennis, and then back to French for the French audience.

You can find the Rue89 page with Dennis Hopper here.  It is a French site, and the page at that link is in French.  Rue89 does have an English site, but as of this publishing, it doesn’t have anything about Dennis Hopper on Seesmic.  But it can be found at rue89.com/street89. (Le Rue is French for street)

It is also worth nothing that Rue89 started a new conversation for each question, and this is merely one thread.  There are many more at Seesmic.com, at seesmic.com/dennishopper.

Photo credit of Dennis Hopper is Rue89.com

See the video after the jump ->


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