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Seesmic For Android 1.7: Go Faster With Shortcuts & More

When you are on your Android, you want to go fast, be more efficient and manage information overload without leaving your home screen or navigating menus. Save time with Seesmic for Android 1.7, featuring shortcuts and more of what you asked for. The new release is live, and here is what you can expect to find.

  • Shortcuts: Add shortcuts for anything within Seesmic directly to your home screen. Access accounts, the composer, searches, lists, Facebook pages, Chatter groups in one tap. We made this video to walk you through how to set up your shortcuts. Yes, you can tell from my voice that I am excited to share this release with our Android users.

We also included some of our favorite shortcuts and screenshots to get you started.


  • Compose: Post to Facebook pages, Twitter, Chatter, etc…in one tap.

  • Replies & Mentions: Who is talking about you? Read & respond. It is that simple.
Replies & Mentions 

  • Facebook Page: Monitor, respond and posts to your Facebook wall on the fly. Admins never had it so easy.

Facebook Walls

  • Search: Stay on top of your favorite searches. We suggest: “Seesmic Android”.


  • Twitter Lists: Focus on the voices and conversations you care about. It’s your choice.


  • Salesforce Chatter: What about the watercooler conversations and internal collaboration? Tap to chime in instantly.



In addition to shortcuts, you will find many enhancements in the Seesmic for Android 1.7 release, including:
  • Translation: Translate updates to your current language instantly.
  • Spam: Mark Twitter accounts as spam in one tap.
  • Improved Links: Links to tweets or profiles and links to Facebook updates and profiles may be opened directly in Seesmic instead of your browser
  • General improvements & Tablet UI: We took care of many of the little things you asked us to fix, and Seesmic looks better than ever on Android 3.0 Tablets.
Seesmic for Android is live. Download it and start saving time now.

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