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Seesmic Android got 30,000 downloads and gets featured on Android Market

Seesmic Android got 30,000 downloads with a 58% install rate in just a few weeks and now we are thrilled our friends at Google decided to feature it just ahead of the holidays season. See for yourselves how it looks like

Android1 Android2 

Seesmic for Android’s raccoon is proudly featured next to Facebook and Myspace on the general Android Market welcome screen and gets a dedicated slot on the social category! Thanks Google, we are glad that you like Seesmic Android.

This is just a beginning, we have a dedicated team on Android and coming very soon are multi-accounts and Twitter location support, as well as yes, surprises. Expect a year of very fast updates to our already popular Android app!

The first reviews Seesmic for Android got are amazing too, thank you everyone who posted about it, there are so many we can’t link them all but here are a few:

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thanks everyone for your reviews and tweets!

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