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Seesmic CRM: Passing the Torch to DoubleDutch

We’re excited to announce our agreement with DoubleDutch.

As we won’t be supporting Seesmic CRM going forward, we are thrilled that DoubleDutch will be proposing its great mobile CRM solution to the users and companies we have been working with on Seesmic CRM over the past few months.

DoubleDutch’s mobile CRM solution, Hive, allows companies to engage and manage their sales teams directly via their mobile devices.  Already used by more than 200 curtomers, Hive is a complete solution for Sales Reps, Account Managers and Sales Managers, and also includes a strong analytics and management console.

We hope that all Seesmic CRM users will find with DoubleDutch the mobile CRM solution that will best fit their needs, and we know they will find a great support from the DoubleDutch Team.


The Seesmic Team.

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