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First Look: Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on Android


Android is shaking up the mobile market, and it’s not over yet. IDC predicts that Android will command 40% of the mobile market through 2011 and 44% by 2015. According to Nielsen, Android smartphones lead the market in data usage, too. Android users averaged 582 megabytes of data in the first quarter of 2011 vs. 492 megabytes for iPhone owners.

Forrester wrote, “We now live in a multi-device world, where companies and consumers choose different smartphone and tablet platforms and expect to get apps on all of them.” With increasing market share, the largest share of data, and enterprise acceptance, Androids are not just for geeks anymore.

Seesmic learned this when we integrated Chatter into all of our applications. Most of our users are mobile (75%), and, of those, a majority are Android users. These users wanted more than just Chatter integration in Seesmic – they wanted an Android application devoted solely to Salesforce. Our familiarity with Salesforce (both a partner and an investor) and the success of Seesmic for Android (1 million + downloads!) fueled our mission to build Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on Android. 

Here is a first look:

If you are not an Android user, stay tuned…Wednesday we will tell you more about Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on iPad and offer you a sneak peek.

If you’re attending Dreamforce: Visit Seesmic’s Booth (1430), register to save your spot for Loic’s session, and join us in the Seesmic CRM Dreamforce Chatter group.

If you can’t make it to Dreamforce: Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on Android will be live in the Android Market August 30th.

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