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  • Katreyuk

    Not working well. I installed last update in 2 computers, and broke my Seesmic Desktop installation, giving an error. Trying to reinstall gives the message “Seesmic is installed”, if you try to remove it, another error, and no way to run it again.
    Both computers Windows 7 on it, laptop and desktop.
    I’m sorry to say I’ll have to look for another desktop solution

    • Thibault

      For support issues, please make sure to head over http://help.seesmic.com where we will take a closer look at your issue.

      Thanks for using Seesmic.

    • http://lizasperling.com @lizasperling

      We are happy to assist you and hope you will give us a chance to troubleshoot the issue. Can you please submit a ticket at http://help.seesmic.com?

  • http://twitter.com/RallyK Ralitsa Koleva

    I like Seesmic Desktop 2, but I am not going to use it until it have option for minimize in tray. Sorry but I am using enough space on my task bar when I am online. So please add a minimize on tray too!

  • http://kozub.in.ua Maksym Kozub

    I installed Seesmic Desktop (under Windows 7 Starter) for the first time several hours ago, and synchronization seems to be broken. Whenever I try and connect to my Seesmic profile, I get a pop-up window with the following message:
    “Unable to connect to your Seesmic Profile
    We have found that some of your accounts are incompatible with Seesmic Desktop 2. Please click here to migrate your accounts.” (The word “here” is underscored like a link, but it is not an active link — the only active item in that pop-up window is the “Ok” button. If I double-click on anything other than “Ok”, the word “accounts” gets selected/highlighted (see the attached screenshot).
    Uninstalling and reinstalling SD 2 does not help.
    That said, I am still able to add my accounts manually.
    I will not spend time on support requests now; back to TweetDeck and web-based interfaces for my social networks.

    • http://lizasperling.com @lizasperling

      We are happy to assist you and hope you will give us a shot to resolve the issue. We remain eager to troubleshoot the problem at our help desk: http://help.seesmic.com. 

      • http://kozub.in.ua Maksym Kozub

        Liza, as I already said, I not going to submit tickets; I think I have already provided you with some information in my previous comment here, and if I ever get some spare time, I would better spend it e.g. reading your blog, which is really ineresting :).

  • http://twitter.com/vincentdecock Vincent De Cock

    Downloaded and installed new version. But hey… the program still crashes on my iMac running Lion, I’m still getting a ‘white screen’. When will this problem be solved?? And yes, I have the latest version of Silverlight ! 

    • http://lizasperling.com @lizasperling

      Unfortunately this update won’t resolve the Lion issues. You can, however, expect a fix in the next release with Silverlight’s update. Thanks for your patience.

  • Anna

    I’ve downloaded the new Seesmic version and when I try to add a Twitter account a login to twitter window opens but there’s nothing on it and i can’t do the connection. What should I do?

    • http://lizasperling.com @lizasperling

      Hello Anna,
      We can help. Do you mind submitting a ticket with the details at the Seesmic Help Desk – http://help.seesmic.com. We can best troubleshoot there.

      Many Thanks,


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