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Seesmic Desktop Version 0.6 Updates

Facebook Pages
excited to share with you a new feature that will allow Seesmic Desktop
to access and manage your Facebook Pages. In version 0.6, you now can
view and manage any Facebook Page you follow. Configure each Facebook
Page to show up as a column, posts messages, and respond to comments
and likes as you do in your personal Facebook feed. If you are the
administrator, you can post messages as the administrator. With the
Facebook Page feature, you have greater control on how you market your
business, oversee your brand, listen to your fans and build your


View Facebook Pages in separate columns


Configure which Facebook Pages you want to show in the navigation bar (sidebar) in Seesmic Desktop


Manage Administered Pages that you’ve published

To learn more about creating Facebook Pages:
To create a Facebook Page:

If you don't have a Facebook Page, go and build one now!

Reply to All
Save time communicating with
your friends and followers by replying to all of the usernames listed
in a message. Instead of writing all the usernames when responding to a
message, or "re-tweeting" and the editing a message, simply click on
the gearwheel in an avatar and "Reply to All."


Favorites column
Along with an aggregated
view of your full timeline (HOME, REPLIES, PRIVATE, and SENT), we have
now added a FAVORITES column. Along with seeing a separate favorites
view for each account, you now have a full view of all of your messages
marked as favorite. We've also added the function to "Unfavor" a
message, giving you full control to identify and manage your favorite

Favorites.jpg unfavorite.jpg

Click on FAVORITES to see all the favorite messages in one column

Partnership with YFROG
We want to bring you
the best for your shared pictures and we are proud to announce a new
partnership with YFROG who becomes today our default picture posting
service for all Seesmic applications. Click on the camera icon in
either client and post your photos to Twitter via yfrog.  It's just
that simple. Yfrog is an easy way to share photos and videos from
wherever you happen to be.  Yfrog's infrastructure is powered by
ImageShack, a safe and reliable hosting media since 2003.  

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