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Seesmic for BlackBerry updates: Improved UI, Notifications and more

Seesmic for BlackBerry introduces in one app all your professional and social media needs. With multiple accounts and access to Ping.fm network, the app now comes featured with sound notifications, design improvements and so much more! 

You can download the app directly from your mobile browser, install and post away. Access m.seesmic.com and, depending on your device, the website will redirect you to the download link you're looking for. 

Seesmic for BlackBerry is the app to try out when social media engagement becomes as important as your morning coffee. This is what we bring new to the table: 

  • Sound profile notifications available in the BlackBerry "Sounds" app
  • Support of Ping.fm groups
  • Notifications for new tweets, new replies and new direct messages
  • Improved User Interface
  • Picture thumbnails now displayed in the "Pictures" folder of the file explorer
  • Use of XAuth with Twitter for more security

Keeping the sound of all your updates

Still looking for the perfect update alert? How about the sounds which you can easily select from? When you find it hard to keep track of all your accounts and what you're friends are posting, you can simply activate your sound notifications and be alerted of new social media additions. 

Edit your sound profiles here (Sounds > Edit Profiles > Other)

Notifications for new posts

Sometimes, you shouldn't wait until your online friends mention you in order to speak louder, should you? With Seesmic for Blackberry, apart from notifications on Replies and Messages, you can now set the app to alert you any time new posts are sent. 

Improved User Interface

With Seesmic for BlackBerry, the presentation's design is as important as the app's features. We've redesigned the user interface of the app, making posts, mentions and general presentation more easy to focus on. 

Improved UI for composing and Ping.fm groups

So much more with Ping.fm Groups, Picture Preview and XAuth 

Updating all your social networks at once may not be something you opt for all the time. Therefore, you can now select particular groups and send it off Ping.fm style! Moreover, when you upload a photo from the composer, instead of filenames you now see a preview of the pictures. With the transition to XAuth, we've got the Blackberry all covered and assure you a safe and secure use. 

We're definitely interested in your feedback, so tweet away and we're sure you'll soon start off a new social media addiction, Seesmic for BlackBerry that is. 

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/faceandres Face Andres

    The system fonts are too big to seesmic. It’s a waste of space and looks awful. I do not want to resize the system fonts only for seesmic!
    Please fix it!