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Seesmic for Windows Phone Mango: Now Live

Although the Windows Phone market is relatively small, it is growing steadily. Ovum Research expects Windows Phone to round out the top 3 smart phones worldwide, competing with Apple for the #2 position by 2016, and Windows Phone 7 increased sales in Europe by 18% from last year, and 100% from Q3 to Q4.

With the recent release of the new Windows Phone, we updated Seesmic to take advantage of Mango specific features. Specifically, you’ll find Pin to Start, Live Tiles, Support for Fast App Switching, a revised background, and some new UI enhancements.

  • Updated UI for Home and Search: Following Microsoft’s UI Guidelines: We removed buttons from the home panorama and placed them instead in the app bar.

  • We removed the search field in the panorama and placed it in the app bar, updating the panorama screen.

  • Implementation of Live Tiles: Similar to shortcuts, users can pin a handful of Twitter feeds (including Home Timeline, Replies, Direct Messages) to the start menu. Live Tiles also include a notification when a user receives a message.
  • Fast App switching: When a user presses and holds the back button, he can move to another app. The support for this feature includes keeping the application active when a user moves back without restarting the application.

What else? You’ll notice minor changes and enhancements throughout the app, but don’t take our word for it.  Download it now!

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  • http://josedmorales.net Josè Daniel

    Although I do not use Seesmic, I’m glad you guys updated the app, documented the changes and respected the Windows Phone UI guidelines. This might make me use Seemic now . Kudos to the developers! ;-)

  • http://michaelhafner.com/ Mike

    Why does the “trends” view still not update (it never changes)? Where can I submit a bug fix request? Other than that, nice looking update!

  • http://twitter.com/cboobs cboobs

    Why you try to immitate a paradigm in iOS by putting a small number in the tile representing the number of mentions. I mean I get it, it’s better, but it could be soooo much better. You don’t have toast notifications for direct messange still? Common guys!!! It takes a couple of hours to do this!!!! Fast App swiching took you one line of code. Crank it up!

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  • Michael

    The live tiles don’t work correctly! Please fix!

    • http://contact.itibz.com TibZ

      Hi Michael!

      Can you please submit us a ticket at the help desk? That’s where we centralize our efforts to support our users. Thanks!


  • KhakiMan

    Please add the option to change the link colors. Red is awful. I’d rather it matched the theme setting for the phone, as before.

  • http://lts-transporte.de Transporte Hannover

    Thanks ;)

  • Anonymous

    Nice post thanks…

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  • wayna perutours

    It takes a couple of hours to do this!!!! Fast App swiching took you one line of code. Crank it up  http://www.waynaperuexpeditions.com

  • Bill

    It’s a beautiful client – but I can’t seem to load anything in the search columns! And I’m sorry to ask here, but I couldn’t find ur contacts :-)