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Seesmic’s Native Windows Twitter Client Updated

Twitter has its feature rich Windows native client with a simple yet powerful interface, and we just pushed a maintenance release with many improvements.

We're happy to announce a Seesmic for Windows release with an assortment of improvements in preparation for a future enhancement upgrade coming next month.

You can download the latest version of Seesmic for Windows here.

The focus for this release was to address stability in both general application performance and timeline streams (including enhancements to Direct Messages).

Improvements in Seesmic for Windows Version 0.5.2 include:

    * Stability issues in application addressed
    * Corrections in timestamps in the HOME timeline
    * UI Enhancements and improvements when receiving, sending and deleting Direct Messages
    * Corrections in duplicate messages
    * Validations and improvements to Link Shortening
    * Deletion of messages where allowed (DM's & Sent)
    * Corrections when inserting images
    * Various improvements when composing messages

Posted by admin in Seesmic Windows
  • http://www.emadmokhtar.com Emad Mokhtar

    Thanks for your hard and good effort, i hope for you more success.
    PS. please we want facebook integration next update please.
    Best Regrads,
    Emad Mokhtar

  • http://profile.typepad.com/dharmansible Dharmansible

    I love that there’s a native app. However it’s still just pretty unusable until I can do a few of the really core things with it, namely:
    – Follow reply threads natively.
    – Cut/Copy text out of a tweet.
    The Facebook functionality we see in Desktop would be nice as well.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/seesmic Loic

    Hello Dharmansible, thanks for your comment, Seesmic for Windows is still in preview and we are absolutely aware of these missing features, expect a new version early january with them. Thanks for your interest.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/seesmic Loic

    Hello Emad, Facebook is obviously coming soon, thanks for your interest.

  • Richard Shearwood

    Guys! When are you going to have the columns resizeable? It’s the ONE feature this app needs more than anything else right now! Until it appears I cannot use the desktop app version and I’d really like to :(
    Also it should import custom lists from the AIR application – or the AIR app should be able to export lists to Twitter itself. Until you do that migration is a major pain.