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Seesmic Ping – Introducing Groups

Hello Seesmic Ping users,

Groups is the newest cool feature for Seesmic Ping that goes one step further making cross-posting easy. You are now able to create and send messages to a group of target accounts of Facebook, Facebook Pages, multiple Twitter accounts, multiple Tumblr accounts, and Linkedin.

See how simple it is to create such a group:

… how useful it is to be able to easily pick up the right group:

… how fast it is to edit groups if you need to:

… and eventually to post:

You have the ability to create and schedule messages, links and images to different groups for your various businesses (as shown – Takoyaki Cart’s Twitter Account, Tumblr Account and Facebook Page). Hence, for example, you can send the appropriate types of messages, links and photos to your group of accounts for your personal (Twitter and Facebook wall) or professional brand (Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr).

Groups are already available on the web client and  will be available on the mobile very soon.

We hope that you will love this feature: it will make your life on social platforms even smoother.

Happy cross posting!

The Seesmic Team

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  • Neil Wood

    When will this feature be available on the android app?

    • Charles

      Neil – This feature will be available anytime soon (our goal is to release it by the end of next week).