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Seesmic Pro for Android Featured on Google Play Store

We’re pleasantly surprised to see Seesmic Pro featured on the Google Play Store.


You can review the features from our recent update on our previous blogpost.

Feel free to try out Seesmic for Android and to upgrade to Seesmic Pro! And please suggest any feedback here: http://feedback.seesmic.com/forums/34248-android/filters/top

Thanks for all your support. We wish you a great weekend!

Team Seesmic

Posted by charlesfalanga in Seesmic Pro
  • http://twitter.com/IanJHawkins Ian Hawkins


  • Noam Sher

    in ping fm i had the option to send status updates to other services like blogger & others that are now gone… no?

  • http://www.channel.pk/ Live Channels

    really sharing,

  • Hunkar

    We would like to open an account PingFM, not Seesmic.

  • http://laserhairremoval-101.org/ Mike8833

    I like ping fm :)

  • Hunkar

    We miss PingFM