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Seesmic Web Users, Meet Seesmic Profiles

Starting today you can access your new profile in Seesmic Web. We are working very hard to bring Seesmic Profiles to our other applications very soon.

With Seesmic Profiles, you will have one dashboard for all of your accounts and Seesmic applications.

Getting started with Seesmic Profiles

There are two ways to get started with the new Seesmic Profiles :

— If you are an existing user, log-in with your Seesmic account, then re-authorize access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

— If you are a new Seesmic user, welcome aboard! You can set up a new account to use Seesmic Profiles right away. After you sign-up, you will receive an email confirmation. Log in using this link, and add the social networks that matter to you.

Seesmic Profiles dashboard

Here are the new features in Seesmic Profiles:

  • All of the accounts that you see on your dashboard will be accessible in Seesmic Web.
  • Seesmic Web is only the first step of Seesmic Profiles. Our other products will follow soon.
  • You can access your dashboard by clicking on your email address in the upper right hand corner
  • You can access your account settings via the settings button next to your email address in the top right-hand corner
  • The settings are now a pop-up where you can access, add, and manage your accounts. It syncs automatically with your dashboard
  • You can configure your timeline refresh rate, Klout settings, and add your bit.ly account in Settings.

Extra features:

  • Filter by Klout Score (in Filter setting found in each column)
  • Disable Klout Score (in Settings)
  • Search by Twitter Username or tweets
  • Block User (in Profile Pop-Up)
  • Remember timeline position when new tweets load – (configure in Settings)
  • See a list of who retweeted your tweets

We are very excited to see so many users across all of our applications : Seesmic Web,Seesmic Desktop 2, and Seesmic for AndroidiPhone, and Windows Phone 7.

Many of you use multiple applications, and we couldn’t be here today without your support. Thank you, and stay tuned for more applications compatible with Seesmic Profiles very soon!



  • Scheduled Updates:

We are still in the process of updating Seesmic Web. While we are doing this, any updates scheduled to be posted will be delayed until we are done updating. We’ll be sure to let you know when the process is complete.

  • 404 Error:

With our new changes, you might get a page saying 404 Error Not Found. If you are experiencing this, make sure to clear out the browser cache. It should work fine. If not, make sure to submit us a ticket here with details about your browser and version.
Stay tuned for more updates on Seesmic Profiles!

  • LinkedIn:

For some users, your LinkedIn feed in Seesmic Web may not work. Our team is aware of it and is working on a fix.

For more informations, please review our help post here.

We sincerely apologize about the inconvenience and hope that you will enjoy this new version of Seesmic Web!

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