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Seesmic at Dreamforce – a Recap

Needless to say, it's been quite the week – and thanks to our intergrations with Salesforce Chatter on the Seesmic for Android app and the Chatter plugin in private beta for Seesmic Desktop 2, the Seesmic team had an unbelievable time at Dreamforce, and we're looking forward to more.

The event started with a great keynote led by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in front of 14,000 people. We were absolutely thrilled to have Seesmic mentioned a couple of times in the keynote – once by Marc to introduce us as one of the third party applications to access Chatter through our Seesmic for Android and again by Dell VP of Business Information Organization, John Miles, where Dell is one of the largest Chatter users.



With a booth at the Cloud Expo,  we were happy to have many people come to either inquire about Seesmic, and have many supporters and users of Seesmic come by to say hi. We also had many partners come by to visit including Zendesk, who also had a booth nearby, and by coincidence just announce our recent collaboration via the Zendesk plugin for Seesmic Desktop 2.

The Seesmic Team at our booth at Dreamforce!

Seesmic also made an appearance on Salesforce Live – a live stream showcasing interviews and highlighting the Dreamforce experience. We were fortunate to be interviewed along with Frank Eliason, formerly of @ComcastCares, now SVP of Social at Citi. The show, hosted by Marcus Nelson, Director of Social Media at Salesforce, covered topics around social media in the enterprise world.

Seesmic's John Yamasaki & Bastien Vidal, Marcus Nelson (Salesforce) and Frank Eliason (Citi) at Salesforce Live
Photo courtesy of David James http://twitpic.com/3e6bo8

We're grateful to have the opportunity to have a presence at Dreamforce and look forward to the next Dreamforce conference.

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