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Seesmic Web Update – Contacts, Conversation Thread and much more

Seesmic Web can become from now on your new adventure to travel the Twitterverse. There are no limits for Seesmic web users to access their Twitter account and enjoy the full pleasure of these exciting new features.
We have relaunched Seesmic Web with these great features. These include: Contacts Manager, Conversation Threads and ReTweets, Twitter lists, GeoLocation and TweetMeme. 

Contacts Manager 

The most impressive and useful feature of Seesmic Web is the addition of Contacts. Using this top button, you will see all the users you are following. By clicking on a user name, you will find all the data introduced – number of followers and tweets, favorite tweets and the number of lists the user follows. 


Conversational Threads and ReTweets

Conversational Thread is one of the most alluring new features of the application. If you want to see the tweet exchange between you and other users, by clicking on <in reply to> you can see the set of replies. In ReTweets column, you verify the ReTweets you created, RTs by others and which of them were considered valuable and ReTweeted by your followers.  You can now either choose between the new RT and the old style ReTweet, now found in the Quote feature.



GeoLocation is one feature of high interest in Seesmic Web. Once you have enabled it in your Twitter Settings account and use Google Gears, your followers will be able to see the location the tweet was sent from. 

Twitter Lists – Edit with Drag and Drop

When you are in Seesmic web and want to add more members to your lists, you can now edit or even delete your Twitter lists. When discovering new users, you can just drag and drop them into the specified list and this addition will be automatically saved. If you want to create a new one, simply click on New List. On the contrary, if you feel that a list has to be deleted, this can now easily take place in Seesmic Web.


Clicking on the first part of a link, which is specifically individualized with a plus sign, you will enable the new TweetMeme option. The opened window announces the name of the site the link will take you to, the number of times it was ReTweeted and the starting part of the article. 


Other features include:

  • improved and highly attractive user interface
  • redesigned contact previews
  • redesigned contact details
  • seeing in Contacts your relations with users – if you follow your followers,
  • direct link to the Feedback site of Seesmic Web where you can send us your thoughts on improving Seesmic Web
  • scrolling Contacts
  • seeing columns in multi-lines or single-lines.

With these new options, Seesmic Web gives not only the ability to increase your Twitter visibility, but it also redefines our platform's usability. We hope Seesmic Web will assure you the pleasure and functionality of full Seesmic Twitter experience from everywhere and anyplace.

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