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Introducing Seesmic Pro for Android

The Seesmic Social for Android community is growing every day, and we thought it was time to go to the next step. We are happy to announce the launch of the Pro version of Seesmic for Android for an introductory price of $2.99.

Here is an overview of the additional features you will be able to use from now on:

  • Viewing thumbnail images from Twitter and Instagram within a timeline

  • Loading photos and images natively into Twitter

Along with these features, you will be given access to the first Premium feature we developed specifically for the Pro version: the ability to combine views from multiple accounts. This feature allows you to create an integrated timeline view of Facebook and multiple Twitter accounts:

Simply choose the “+” button from the list of accounts and select which account you want to include in a combined view

No more need to switch between accounts!

Besides, the Pro version will be ad free (ads will be placed in some of the timelines of the free version).

Seesmic users who want to upgrade to Pro - Seesmic Pro is an application key that will unlock all the features and remove the ads in Seesmic for Android. If you haven’t already installed it, you’ll first need to download Seesmic for Android (free version) and download Seesmic Pro after that. Then, you will have to keep the Seesmic Pro app installed but it will not appear as a separate application.

We hope you will enjoy these new features. This $2.99 introductory price will help us further develop the app:  there are many more features to come for the Pro version. Feel free to download the app here.

Have fun!

The Seesmic Team