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Steve Jobs: “Do Different”

Om Malik’s magnificent post, The Tao of Steve, sums up what the passing of Steve Jobs means to many of us here at Seesmic. While I encourage you to read the post in full, I’d like to share a line that stood out:

 Jobs put life and soul into inanimate objects.

Steve Jobs welcomed creativity into the technology industry.  We spend most of our waking hours building, testing and thinking about technology, but it is not just about the code. There is a life and soul in everything we do. A line of code is far more than a combination of characters. Code is built with intent – to give users features and functions, but also to provide an experience, a feeling and a look that requires a human being to envision it.

As users embraced Jobs approach, the technology industry accepted the value of creativity, and technology now creates products using both the left and right sides of our brains. The influx of creativity in technology also redefined its endusers and reasons for using technology. Gadgets, computers and software are not just for geeks or for performing tasks at the office. With tools to more easily capture, create and share content, including music, film and a variety of mediums, Steve Jobs and Apple taught people without any technical expertise to use technology to express what was previously limited to our imaginations.

Shared on Google Plus by Mike Searle

Shared on Google Plus by Mike Searle

Steve Jobs reintroduced technology to the world and inspired us not only to “think different”, but also to “do different” We can’t imagine a world without Steve Jobs, because we are living in a world that he has helped us build.

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