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News for Seesmic Social for Android

Dear Seesmic users,

We are making sure that we respond to your feedback updating the Seesmic for Android app as fast as we can. This release contains a number of valuable updates, and modifies the way ads are displayed.

Updates for both Twitter and Facebook:

  • Photos are enlarged in tweet/post details (Twitter/Instagram/Twitpic/yFrog)
  • You can now configure to hide/show avatars
  • You can now configure to show in absolute time
  • Ads are repositioned to improve the user experience, including placing ads on the bottom and removing ads from the Twitter mentions timeline


Updates for Twitter:

  • You can view a favorite/star icon in timeline
  • You can now view if “the user does (or does not) follow you” in Profile Details
  • #Hashtags are now included when replying

Updates for Facebook: You are now able to see who liked a post.

Updates to the Widget: You can now disable/enable auto scrolling in the widget.

Obviously these updates are live on the Seesmic Pro application as well (except for the ads).

Please continue to give us your feedback!

The Seesmic Team

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Groups available on Seesmic Ping for Android and iOS

Last week, we released Groups on the web client.  Groups is the newest feature for Seesmic Ping and matches up our features with

We are happy to announce today  that you are now able to use Groups with Seesmic Ping for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Here is a quick reminder of what the Group feature allows you to do:

You can create and send messages to a group of target accounts of Facebook, Facebook Pages, multiple Twitter accounts, multiple Tumblr accounts, and LinkedinView. Groups allow you to send the appropriate types of messages, links and photos to the accounts you gathered.



For Android, we also added the ability to preview and choose a thumbnail for url links for Facebook and Linkedin:

Cross posting has never been so easy!


The Seesmic Team

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Introducing Seesmic Ping

We are excited to announce the launch of our new multi-posting platform, Seesmic Ping. If you’re familiar with, you’ll discover how Seesmic Ping is even simpler, highly reliable and just totally awesome!

At launch, this free beta of Seesmic Ping will include familiar services to reach your audience:

  • Facebook and Facebook Pages
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • Linkedin
  • With more to come…

Main features of Seesmic Ping:

  • Post via web
  • Post via email
  • Attach links & images (post pictures on Facebook and Twitter as if you were posting them “natively”)
  • Schedule your posts at any time

We’ll look to have more features and services when Seesmic Ping comes out of beta as a paid service.

We’re also happy to announce the launch of our Seesmic Ping mobile apps, available now!

Discover how easy it is to share from your mobile device:

We’re looking to build out our mobile applications, so feel free to send us feedback on any of our apps on

For users – With the release of Seesmic Ping, we’ll look to maintain for some time. In the meantime, we encourage you to sign up for a Seesmic Profile and give Seesmic Ping a ride through our mobile applications or the web.

Enjoy.  We are just getting started…

The Seesmic Team

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Going Metro: Seesmic’s CTO, Marco Kaiser, Explains the Windows 8 Tablet and OS


Seesmic‘s CTO, Marco Kaiser, and Director, John Yamasaki, spent last week at Microsoft’s BUILD Conference and were among the first developers to get their hands on the Windows 8 tablet and OS.

During our team meeting, we sized up the device and were slightly confused  – this tablet does not look like an iPad or Android tablet. As Marco pointed out, that is the point.

In the video below, Loic Le Meur, Seesmic’s CEO, interviews Marco to make sense of the Microsoft news and to understand how a developer sizes up the Windows 8 tablet and OS:

As Marco points out in the video, the Windows 8 tablet offers developers features that iPad and Android currently do not offer: the ability to code in many different languages, the Metro UI and intra-application capabilities on a single device. It is not really a tablet, but a device with the convenience of a touch screen and mobility coupled with the features of a PC, like the keyboard, mouse, and stylus included with the tablet. As Marco explains, this “multi-purpose device” will make coding or number-crunching on a tablet a different experience. What’s more, the Metro apps for the tablet blur the line between mobile apps and computers apps.

It will take time for developers to explore the device and OS and form their opinions. Unlike consumers, developers have a more systematic approach to evaluating news, and a lot of in-depth analysis is sure to follow.

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