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Sneak Peek: Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on iPad

The tablets have entered the workforce. According to Gartner, by 2013, 80% of businesses will support a workforce using tablets. Forrester Research wrote that the web as we know it is “a dying technology.” We now have gammes of mobile devices that provide an endless choice of applications. Even Sesame Street caught on last year that no matter what you want to do.. “there’s an app for that”.

While it’s still unclear whether Apple will be able to claim the entire market thanks to their expansive patents, it’s clear that the iPad is well positioned to become the #1 tablet in the workplace. A recent study from comScore showed the iPad as dominating worldwide, accounting for over 89% of tablet traffic across all 13 markets that were surveyed. Here at Seesmic, we don’t have a preference of Android vs Apple devices, but we did discover that, for whom we will be launching our Seesmic CRM for Salesforce application on Android August 30th, also didn’t have their own iPad application.

If you haven’t seen our video featuring Seesmic CRM for Salesforce for Android, check it out. Next in line ? Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on iPad.

Coming soon :

If you’re attending Dreamforce, we will be demo’ing Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on Android and iPad at Dreamforce, so please stop by Seesmic’s Booth #1430. Register to save your spot now for Loic’s session and join the Seesmic CRM Dreamforce Chatter group.

If you can’t make it to Dreamforce: Stay tuned for the launch of Seesmic CRM for iPad. Seesmic CRM for Android will be live in the Android Market August 30th.

If you’d like more information, send us an email at

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