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Community Manager Appreciation Day – #CMAD

Community Manager Appreciation Day#CMAD is an initiative started by Jeremiah Owyang, from the Altimeter Group, and takes place on the 4th Monday of January. Today, we're celebrating the second year of #CMAD. Here at Seesmic, we continue to work on products and features for desktop, web and mobile, to not only help you stay connected and build your presence online, but also build your community in both the personal and enterprise space. As such, we thought it would be fitting to recognize our own Community Team, Alexandra Dumitru and Christine Wong. Those of you who have communicated with us through our @askseesmic account have most likely have been in touch with each of them.

PhpZnC5NH_c2AM Alexandra hails from our European office, and you may have recently seen her in our Seesmic Booth at LeWeb. A natural go-getter who appreciates theatre and opera, Alexandra also continues her post-education, studying Marketing and Communications, putting together marketing plans and organizing conferences and workshops – "Brand Yourself: How You can make the Difference!"

F Christine is based in our San Francisco office and when she's not doing community management or helping out at some of the local tech events in SF such as SF Beta, you'll most likely see her in a fitness class or doing as much traveling as she can. A graduate from UC Berkeley, she's also one of our resident coordinators for TechKaraoke in San Francisco, so be on the lookout for the next TechKaraoke event.

Personally, I feel extremely fortunate to have an awesome and hard-working community team (along with rest of the folks behind Seesmic), and we're excited about the goals we've set out for this year. I've also had the opportunity to be in touch with a lot of folks in community management, most recently at the Community Leadership Summit West.  We're also working on hosting a series of panels and debates for Social Media Week on Monday, February 7, which will included folks from Klout, UserVoice, Zynga and more, so look out for more announcements about this.

As with all positions in a company, CMAD is about appreciation for those that are connected with customers using any online medium. We share our appreciation to our community team as well all the other Community Managers, Advocates, Evangelists and others that are key to bringing customers and companies closer together. We're looking forward to continuing that connection with our own products, and we're excited for what's in store for the next year. In the meantime, to those who manage and support their community: Happy CMAD.

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