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Webinar With Zendesk: Loving Your Help Desk ( & Customer Service) Just Got Easier

Zendesk‘s slogan says it best: love your help desk. Join us Wednesday for a webinar to learn how using Seesmic’s Zendesk Plugin makes loving your help desk and enjoying customer service a lot easier.

When Wednesday at 10am PDT

Telephone Switchboard Operators - a vintage ci...Image by IronRodArt – Royce Bair via Flickr

What In an hour, you will learn how to:

  • Manage all of your customer support inquiries in one application
  • Turn tweets into actionable items and create tickets (“twickets”) on the fly
  • Collaborate internally with the Zendesk Plugin

Please register to save your spot and feel free to invite others to join us:

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The Top 10 Most Downloaded Seesmic Desktop Plugins

Seesmic Desktop has been getting some great pickup, in part to the epic plugin marketplace, which now boasts over 70 different integrations!

Seesmic Desktop
With the number of plugins increasing by the day, it may be difficult to find what you're looking for. Because of that, we thought we'd make a list of the Top 10 most downloaded plugins for Seesmic Desktop so far – check them out, below:

  1. Google Reader - Thanks to this plugin, it becomes easy to keep a smart eye on yours RSS feeds. Install the plugin and find all services present on the Google reader web app seamlessly within Seesmic Desktop.
  2. Formspring - The Formspring plugin for Seesmic Desktop allows Formspring users to seamlessly view their stream, answer questions, ask questions to those they follow, and view user profiles.
  3. - With the Radio Plugin you can tune to personalized radio stations that adapt to your previous preferences and dislikes, directly within the Seesmic Desktop app. Streamed ear candy without ever opening a browser… yes please.
  4. Ning - The Ning plugin is the gateway to your Ning networks. Simply install and enjoy seamless updates to your network, along with a feed of all the latest news happening in your network.
  5. Topsy - Sometimes, Google search just doesn't cut it. Topsy is a real-time search engine to find the most relevant conversations happening online. By searching links, tweets and other user generated content, Topsy brings you the freshest, most valuable content on the social web ranked by the tens of millions of people on Twitter.
  6. YouTube - YouTube is a place to discover, watch, upload and share videos, now all possible through Seesmic Desktop. Video streaming directly within your Seesmic Desktop app… oh my.
  7. Gowalla - The Gowalla integration for Seesmic is a remarkable way to explore the world around you. Meet up with friends, discover local hot spots and share your favorite places and events. 
  8. Zappos - Sometimes, you just can't stop the urge to SHOP. The Zappos plugin allows you to integrate the Zappos experience alongside your social stream.
  9. Techmeme - For those of us that have to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the tech space, you now have your companion. With the Techmeme plugin, all the latest news is right where you need it.
  10. Zendesk - Zendesk is a leading provider of web-based customer support software that is reinventing how companies engage with their customers. With the Zendesk plugin for Seesmic Desktop, your support agents can view, update and manage customer support tickets within Seesmic.

As you can tell from the list above, Seesmic Desktop packs a big punch. Take your social dashboard to the next level and download Seesmic Desktop today.



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Seesmic Desktop 2 – New Customized Options and Interface Updates

Seesmic Desktop 2 is the social media app which we not only take great pride in, but we also hope it has brought to your desktop a new meaning of network management. Working to be a complete user-experience and with a built-in Marketplace with dozens of services, Seesmic Desktop 2 brings a new spin to social media and business communication.

Check out these exciting features and improvements Seesmic Desktop 2 now has to offer: 

  • Customizable settings: adjustable font type and sizes, options added to manage automatic shortening of URLs
  • Selecting the width of the columns
  • Search for Twitter users and cany search by real name
  • Marketplace: Marketplace on the sidebar for easy access to browse all plugins and download straight from within the application.

New Options Design: Bigger Fonts, Customizable Settings

Open the Options section in Seesmic Desktop 2 and you'll notice some updates to the Settings options located within the General tab. Along with notification updates, you can now enable highlighting features, enable/disable automatic URL shortening, and adjust your font type and size.


Resizing Columns

We brought about a new feature in the top line of each column. Just hover and click between columns when you see the arrows icon and this will allow you to drag to adjust the width of the columns. You can also double click here to reset the column to the default width.



Search by realname and other search options

We've added additional options to the Search bar so now you can Search for Twitter people and can search by username or can search by a user's real name too. The Twitter seach options available are Twitter – for basic searches, Twitter Accounts – search for users to view their profile in the profile pane, and Twitter People-search just for users here. 

Seesmic Desktop 2 - Search Options

Marketplace available in the sidebar

We've added the Marketplace to the Sidebar actions so you have easy access to browse all plugins new and old and have this side by side to your other timeline columns so you can manage everything all at once.

Click on the the Featured tab to view what the current popular plugins are. Review plugins in the New tab to see what's new. Browse in the Categories tab to view plugins under the major categories. Then go ahead and click on the Search tab if you are looking for something in particular. Find what you are looking for then install it right then and there. No more opening up a separate browser window just for the Marketplace, its all in one place.


You should receive a notification to update and can update from Seesmic Desktop 2. Please just ensure you have the latest Silverlight version installed or the update will fail. To check if you have the newest version of Silverlight installed to run Seesmic Desktop 2 please check the Silverlight site here.

We appreciate feedback and hope that you'll look through the Seesmic Marketplace and let us know your feedback on the latest plugin which you have been playing around with. Is it Ning, Klout or Drop us a line on our Feedback Forum and let us know. Thank you for all your support and we hope that our new updates will enhance your social media savviness.

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Seesmic at Dreamforce – a Recap

Needless to say, it's been quite the week – and thanks to our intergrations with Salesforce Chatter on the Seesmic for Android app and the Chatter plugin in private beta for Seesmic Desktop 2, the Seesmic team had an unbelievable time at Dreamforce, and we're looking forward to more.

The event started with a great keynote led by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in front of 14,000 people. We were absolutely thrilled to have Seesmic mentioned a couple of times in the keynote – once by Marc to introduce us as one of the third party applications to access Chatter through our Seesmic for Android and again by Dell VP of Business Information Organization, John Miles, where Dell is one of the largest Chatter users.



With a booth at the Cloud Expo,  we were happy to have many people come to either inquire about Seesmic, and have many supporters and users of Seesmic come by to say hi. We also had many partners come by to visit including Zendesk, who also had a booth nearby, and by coincidence just announce our recent collaboration via the Zendesk plugin for Seesmic Desktop 2.

The Seesmic Team at our booth at Dreamforce!

Seesmic also made an appearance on Salesforce Live – a live stream showcasing interviews and highlighting the Dreamforce experience. We were fortunate to be interviewed along with Frank Eliason, formerly of @ComcastCares, now SVP of Social at Citi. The show, hosted by Marcus Nelson, Director of Social Media at Salesforce, covered topics around social media in the enterprise world.

Seesmic's John Yamasaki & Bastien Vidal, Marcus Nelson (Salesforce) and Frank Eliason (Citi) at Salesforce Live
Photo courtesy of David James

We're grateful to have the opportunity to have a presence at Dreamforce and look forward to the next Dreamforce conference.

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