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Introducing Seesmic Desktop 2

After much hard work, Seesmic Desktop 2 (SD2) is finally ready to emerge out of beta. The inspiration to build SD2 came from the understanding that our users desired support of many different social services, more than just Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. And so, SD2 was born. With the plugin architecture in SD2, you can easily add, remove and customize the platform to include only the services that matter to you.

Here's a quick video explaining the awesomeness that is SD2…

At launch, SD2 will contain all of the core services you've come to love like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare, Google Buzz,, and TwitPic, by default. 

Alongside that, is the SD2 plugin marketplace. The marketplace boasts over 40 plugins at launch, with dozens more to join in the upcoming weeks. As you begin browsing the marketplace, you'll notice services like Zappos, Salesforce, Topsy, Klout, Socialcast, MySpace, Formspring, OneRiot, SocialWok, YouTube, Google Reader, Techmeme, Ning and many more — and we haven't even scratched the surface. Don't see a service in our marketplace that you want? Check out our developer SDK for the platform here, and take a stab at building a plugin of your own or have our team help out with development by emailing us at

Finally, for all of you that were worried that SD2 is only compatible for Windows, we've got good news. SD2 is compatible on both Windows and Mac OS X machines. Yes, both Windows and Mac. Apple fanboys, rejoice. 

Now, the fun part. To download SD2 for yourself, visit Let us know what you think, we hope you love the new Seesmic Desktop as much as we do.


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Integrating Salesforce Chatter into Seesmic applications

We're very happy to share with you what we consider to be a great step ahead: we're integrating Salesforce’s internal social app, Chatter, into our platform. We're doing our best to help make the enterprise field social, and looking to provide an offering to over 20,000 Salesforce customers. 

The great news is to be unveiled and discussed with great detail at the Salesforce Conference in London today. You can tune in and watch it live by accessing Salesforce Live , signing in and enjoying the entire presentation. 

Watch the TechCrunch Interview with Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, and Loic discuss their thoughts and vision for the social web in the enterprise space, hosted by Mike Butcher, Editor-in-Chief TechCrunch Europe. 

You can also tune in on a sneak peek of some Chatter implementations in our upcoming Seesmic Desktop 2 and Seesmic for Androidcourtesy of Salesforce Cloudblog. We're very happy with this collaboration and we're hoping your business perspectives on a social level will be of benefit from this partnership. 



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Showcasing Seesmic Desktop Plugins: Sticky

Several exciting plugins are currently being developed for Seesmic Desktop 2, helping you easily manage your online experience. We've received great feedback on the release of the preview version of SD2, and as we get closer to releasing to beta, we're anticipating some awesome plugins from both companies and the development community.

We'll be showcasing a few leading up to release. Last week, John Papa, a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, developed this simple but cool plugin called "Sticky". Here's a video that gives you an idea about what the plugin does.

John posts the details in his blog, including recent updates and how to download and install Sticky

Check out:

He's also made an update recently – details of the newest version are here:

stickyProfile_rect“Sticky” is a plugin for Seesmic
Desktop 2 timagehat I created. I’ll
be keeping this page updated with the overview of Sticky and adding
“how-to’s” and other resources for Sticky as it evolves.

Feel free to use this plugin as you like. It is a simple plug in
that, shows information about the Twitter user right inline with the

Collapsed State

When the Sticky plugin is in its collapsed state you will see a small
icon for the plugin and a summary of the Twitter user’s information
(see below). It shows the number of Twitter followers, the number of
friends and the number of updates for a Twitter user. image

Here is a zoomed in close up of this information and the icon. When
creating an icon you can customize the collapsed text as makes sense for
your plugin.  


Expanded State

In its expanded state, the Sticky plugin hides the collapsed view and
transitions to a larger view. The expanded state shows the user’s
friendly name, a link to their web page, a link to the TwitterCounter
for the user, a link to their Twitter page, and the user’s Twitter
profile bio (see below).


I used some visual states to subtly animate the sticky note when you
move your mouse over it. This is a pretty simple use of visual states,
easing, and effects which I’ll explore in an upcoming post when I dive
into the details of how the plug in is created.

Choose Your Stick Color

The Sticky plugin now allows you to choose a custom color for the
Sticky note. First, go to the Settings for the Sticky plugin. Find the
Sticky plugin in the list and click the Settings link. image

Then you can set the color or revert to the default color. image

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Seesmic’s Presentation at Google I/O Now Available

Seesmic had the privilege of participating at Google I/O last month, where we launched our applications integrated with Google Buzz. Along with our successful Seesmic for Android application, we got a chance to showcase our other opportunities where we partnered with Google.


So far, we're pretty happy with our Google Buzz integrations with Seesmic Web,, Seesmic for Android (in beta) and our preview version of Seesmic Desktop 2, and we're pretty excited and looking forward to some of our future integrations.

Here is a video of our own Marco Kaiser presenting our Seesmic offerings in Google Buzz in the panel, "What's the hubbub about Google Buzz APIs?"

You can review the full video here, as well as the pdf. As well as catch the rest of the videos of the Google I/O sessions. Enjoy!

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Google Buzz Integrated in Seesmic Web, Desktop, Android and

Seesmic is one of the most popular social software clients that allow users to easily access your social networks in one application and successfully manage your online presence.  We’re very happy to share with you our integration of Google Buzz into four of our products. Seesmic has collaborated with Google, and you can now manage Google Buzz in Seesmic Web,, a beta version of Seesmic for Android and our preview version of the next generation of Seesmic Desktop.

Seesmic Web

In Seesmic Web, a very light and fast social web application, you can access and manage your Google Buzz network and your online presence in your browser. Easily stay in touch and be connected with your Google Buzz and other social communities in one screen from any computer. 

SeesmicWebBuzz-IO is a free social networking service that now enables you to post to Google Buzz, as well as dozens of other social networks simultaneously.  Simply search and select Google Buzz when adding a network, and safely login using the official login process for Google Buzz. Once added, you can now post freely via Seesmic, email, chat or other services you can configure.


Seesmic for Android (beta for Google I/O attendees)

In our beta version of the ever-popular Seesmic for Android (available to attendees at Google I/O who attend the Seesmic booth), you can manage your online presence with Google Buzz on a mobile platform. Add your Google Buzz account and view, search and post to your feed.  You can also add comments and likes to your stream. If you are at Google I/O, feel free to come by the booth and try out the Google Buzz features!


Seesmic Desktop – Preview Version

Finally, in our preview version of a feature-rich social client, the next generation of Seesmic Desktop combines the best features from of our ever-popular social application and expands the capabilities with a plugin architecture. Customize your online presence with Google Buzz and other available plugins to meet your needs.


We’re pretty excited with what we can do when integrating our products, and taking advantage of the power of Google Buzz, and we’re looking forward towards further integration with our other products. From web to mobile or email to chat, and thanks to the help and support of the Google Buzz team, Seesmic strives to be the gateway to all your social services on any online platform. 

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